В. Абдурауф Фитрат о физическом воспитании детей


Педагогические науки

Необходимость обучения детей это обязанность старших, так, в частности, три образования: 1. Физическое воспитание — здоровье, 2. Ментальная тренировка — здоровая . 3. Похвала-это моральные и этические, то есть, нужно обратить внимание на нравственную чистоту.

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Abdurauf Fitrat major public figures, well-known science and technology scholars, philosophers, poets, food, publisistik, geography, mathematics, medicine and be knowledgeable of the science of religion along with have added a great contribution to the educational development in uzbekistan the school and teachers will remain in people's memory as moxir mature and enlightened reform.

Abdurauf Fitrat as total and continue the traditions of abduraxmon zullisonayn writer alisher navoi, Uzbek and Tajik languages are equally perfect works has created.

Fitrat's "head of salvation," works is dedicated to education on a full basis. Especially, the game of the third chapter of the family, education of children, ethics-ethics is dedicated to the subject of this issue, as well as great educational role of the following in the period.

The necessity of educating their children mature parents the duty of those who make fitrat, thus, in particular, three education: 1. Physical education — health, 2. Mental training — healthy fikrlilik, 3. Praise is moral and ethical, that is, the need to pay attention to moral purity is stressed.

Of the game in the "education of children" issues in the chapter, the following is noted.

"One of the functions of the family from generation to generation. The younger generation is considered to be one of the tasks. As it is known, is similar to the fight of this area and the general area of the world of man are the paxlavon. Each person reached an age to perfection, the taste of happiness is not possible without access to this area for his own. To win this fight for three different measurement tools (massex saloxi)you need to be able to. 1. Health; 2. Healthy thoughts (nuqsonsiz idea, that is, high talent); 3. The praise of the ethics (ethics of high level, that is, ethical purity).

Fitrat "each person access to the area without one of the same three weapons, of course, tell that it is natural for to be defeated with this, three training, adding that they should always go out, at least the ones who have this nurturing, bringing up a mature person that you want to show. Again, that say: "every father of their children would be unfortunate xoxlab of you does not must prepare it to the winner of this area. Of your child's physical, mental, and society to perfection get the supplies on hand to take care of a woman to become a member of".

His only way out of the family in the education of children without the only recently uncovered, this work with the public, as well as the state should concentrate, because the future of these young people would be in the hands of the state noted. "The children not only developed the family is only responsible to deliver on his education, because young people are the responsibility of the members of the stream of the whole folk-mature if you educate a man, you will have a big role in the future development of folk".

The body of education. Fitrat physical education, to be trained to be large and strong attention to men's health: "the body has been given to education starting from the ancient times a big role. If all members of the health and capacity of man, then the person will not live long. Xalal to one of the members of the human body and touch man pulled his hand from work, the other has need of. We get along with the knowledge of our children, they give the role to the education of the body we need to."

Fitrat children to be in clean air, around, know, get aesthetic pleasure from the beautiful nature and role gives the antichrist says: "the air of a man for meals is important as well. Five-six hours without food can stand, can't stand a minute without air. Therefore, by the time the babes and pure air, a garden, it is necessary to take out to chorbog. Farang in chorbog'lar for children in every part of the city, air yaaratilgan the landing. Besides, their break time in school the children were playing various games at the special landing.

Fitrat move various games in physical education of children plays a big role, as well. Provide that gives advice to parents their children would be so concerned with the games of Actions for each person, especially for children, is required as well. Children, therefore, concerned with the physical structure of some of them in the game is useful. The benefits of the children is not banned from the game. They are always in one place, they sit, not to be the actions of the body leads them to be vulnerable. Parents should promote their children and always to the game discussion. But the child out of the behavior and ethics of the game from the circle in addition to should not. Fitrat games this xarakatli the child's intelligence, insights, knowledge and ethical education and the development of computations that need to be found on the help it provides. These games teach life to children through it, mental and moral, as well can give the child physically hardening increases knows that the main thing".

Fitrat more children healthy, physically clean that is the role of very large mature explained: "Nazofat (clean) pokizalik is how it should be for adults and small children than they are to ten times is necessary. Two of its jixat necessary. Before children earlier than the adults has the ability to more injuries. Therefore, any pollution that is produced if the source bemorlik, dirty ten times more harm to the children than the adults.

Secondly, is to teach them starting from the age of pokizalik, pokizalik the time-the habit of their time to become. Instead, when I teach from my youth into the dirt, and when it is so large to learn the habit of this man is deserving of contempt."

To follow the rules of personal hygiene to children to teach large the author noted: "every day children, parents and teachers sovunlab yuvdirsinlar faces, mouth wash and teeth clean, those who always those who control the dress, until you can fly and fly because this is the place the children were held to be xasharotlar the spread of various diseases".

Fitrat later mind — education of the mind, namely the mind is going to talk about the role of patients in the development of.