Факторы формирования культуры общения в семье


Педагогические науки

Деятельность человека,совершенствуется в быстром темпе и отношении с другими людьми а также возможности выхода из ситуации, следовать за ним, подражая другим людям.

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Because of the independence of our young republic who go their own independent way of development from the new social environment to prepare in the period of nurturing the spirit is one of urgent and priority tasks on the same day. Currently, reforms in the fate of the republic into the spiritual image of youth, perfection depends on personal. To perform these tasks requires full to soak in the minds of democratic principles in human relations. The social relationship between men, representing every nation without specific and suitable psychologist in the east of foster. Updated growing healthy generation in our society, the perfect man to bring up masaqlasiga is a big issue. Cultural communication speed of one of the essential quality of a perfect man.

Very poor form, healthy enough cultural communication to establish social relationships is very difficult. Bog'liqq with communication problems in the science of psychology is studied in depth, collected large amounts of scientific knowledge in this regard. Ruxiy him of man on the development of communication with its audience, the dialogue is the formation of the person of an individual who you will come to the conclusion that you can not imagine.

Also, because the specific human needs of communication. In the period of infancy and adolescence, leading to a direct impact on communication activity, indicating the formation of new psychological feature as embodied activity.

Communication external influences, samples on the basis of self-correction, re-educate, the opportunity to ruyobga lays the ground searching for personal perfection leads towards.

Communication is a process that is specific to only men. Born of a desire to say something to each other in person in the business process. Communication — the links between people development is a multifaceted process which arises from the needs of joint activities. Communication (connection) exchange information between include provisions operate together. Thus, the communicative aspect of the relationship is taken into account. People enter into a relationship of competition, first of all, we will refer to the language.

Another aspect of the relationship into mutual communication joint efforts-in the process of speech just not with words, but with action also consists of trade. For example, when we did enter into a relationship with us as he qoniqqtirsa you will be in communicating with gestures. The next aspect of the relationship, the perception of will get into dialogue with each other. For example, we neglected to communicate with a person or respect in the relationship will be put into it before.

The speed of circulation of the perfect human, the style of meditation, to enter into relationship bar, also the potential out of the situation, follow him on by imitating other people experience life and live. Abnormal condition or event in the process of social relationship between people shaxslararo to rely on conscious self — improvement, self-release ruyobga, self-management, self-assessment, self-of the person himself to give the order an important stage in the fullness of the spiritual world. Therefore, the internal and external understanding and imitation, step-by-step go — as future professional training and development of specialists is the guarantee of the perfect person.

Deyl Karnegi through the effects of american scientists worked out methods of communication you can configure the following family:

  • Tell your child the full name of the contact. The name of the person most dear to her. For example, "month, jon bek, these" supplements adding say.
  • Children to be in a relationship with sincere interest. For example, the mood of your child, you know his hobby (interest) what it means to learn.
  • Listen with interest to your child. We 55% so'zlarkanmiz, 45% tinglarkanmiz. Therefore, the listening self in the form of qqobiliyatini it's necessary.
  • Give children the chance to talk about themselves. Because every child's have their problems, you ko'nglidagini yengillaydi not much to say.
  • Start a conversation with your child from the question. You will be called to communicate because of it.
  • I am talking if you feel your own anxiety, qilingki, your child will also buck there are problems to himself. Your child who do not stay away from you. Lengthened conversation, do not let go.
  • Children in contact with them as friends, noverbal communication (gestures, laughter, mimika away, eye pointing, to make a break, the tone of voice) from the method of its use.
  • Don't rebuke your child before. Without using verbal and noverbal communication method with the audience we will be in a relationship. Verbal communication–the word, the idea through which you can communicate, that is, the beautiful settings, the idea of mantiqiyligi consistent to give his attention.

One of the mysteries treated –jilmayish in a relationship with this man. D. Karnegi opinion, we jilmaygan we stand in our desire to do good to each other. For example, the transport driver, to the staff of the population services, cook, hairdresser, sellers, sincere, humble, be polite, “we are please to offer the services to you, we” use words that they should not increase their authority, a lot of fans, those will use their services more.

Noverbal communication — gestures, eyelid put, open faces, with the forehead tirishtirib, fury, raised his voice, act like from indamay through which we communicate. He fills verbal communication noverbal communication.

The specific feature of the educational process in the family. The beginning and the end of it. We will start nurturing the birth of a child. The children learn through imitation of the behavior of the parents, or even out of your mouth what it returns. Therefore, parents should be ideal for the formation of the person of the child and the carers. Constant communication between the family, primarily parents with children in the educational process. Must love good for child rearing. We will time you a few minutes to communicate with children? You should consider that. We have 1 hour time, this is good. The surveys shows that communication between parents and children will qq to 1.8 hours a day. It's 35 minutes to the mother in the dialogue: “the opening of the snow? To eat what? ” like in the manner. If the children ask questions, some parents think the answer comes next. The mother is distracted by the preparation of food, with his father read the newspaper.

This would be a problem in children of different ages or adults that we know him, we must take the time. The material the children to take care of his education, is not sufficient for the formation of communication. We know it's important to listen to the heart of a child. One of the reasons of the dispute between the parents to the children pay attention came out of the chamber. Why don't we with our colleagues, how they interact with our friends, we also satisfaction, but we are in less contact with our children?

The attention of the parents will help to educate the culture of communication within the family. So the question arises: why does not stay teenagers into street crime? We adults are putting our children couldn't be more attentive. Solmayapmiz listen to their heart. They are not putting distress in the sense of being to shape others to sympathize. If you are talking about will be fashion with the young people they interact with you gladly. Hence to the heart of the hands can be held in them.

Will interfere with various obstacles to the organization of the mutual relations between parents with children. In particular, to be engaged in “a block”, my parents always busy, doing a lot pay attention to the children because of their home. This stop leads to the strengthening of emotional development in children. The second set depends on the age of the “barrier”, thus they do not understand the glorious age of adults to children.

Are unable to take into account the child's inner world. Things worth can be important for children not for adults. The old mold of “block”- they did not realize that the age of their children grow up, parents go. Children grow up with parents go towards wants. Therefore, misunderstandings between them, is the birth of disputes. We always want our children to listen to us adults, that we want to submit to. We may to hear their thoughts independent of her husband. Educational a'analardagi “barrier”-parents in the family were the effects of previous educational practices, they do not take into account the level of mental development of the child. They do not work on increasing their own skills. As a result, the children appear in set in the middle with each other can't understand. In our opinion, the more parents interact with their children, it is desirable to be attentive to them.