Повышение статуса и профессиональной квалификации учителя является гарантией качественного образования


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Под особым вниманием к улучшению качества системы образования в Узбекистане укрепляются статус и роль учителей во всех сферах . Созданы возможности для широкого и эффективного содействия международному сотрудничеству и общению, используя передовые достижения мировой системы образования, а также обеспечивая учителям удовлетворение от работы. Профессиональные знания и навыки учителей направлены на то, чтобы дать им возможность иметь больше квалификации и компетенций для улучшения своего статуса. В этой статье обсуждается, как это делается для повышения статуса и роли учителей с помощью различных механизмов в Государственной системе образования Узбекистана.

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By reforming and simultaneously improving the sphere of education based on the aims of upbringing competent generation is a dominant goal of Uzbekistan. There have been made and developed, nation-wide formed laws for education. “On education”(1997) and “National Program of Personnel Training”(1997) .New opportunities for our youth in order to gain qualitative education in the modern and newly built schools or other educational institutions are being created in this field. Conditions in education serve for upbringing of well-educated, intelligently thoughtful, intellectually challenged generation. The complex system of reorganizing the structure and the content of personnel in all perspectives of the social, contemporary achievements of technology, science, culture has been fruitful. Step by step conditions of the working and training teachers have been improving in education al sphere. The material and technical base of education is strengthening, physical learning environment are improved, the process of preparing more qualified teachers.

The former president of the Republic of Uzbekistan highlighted the role of teachers in modern world. Day by day the world is changing and entering to the new era which is full of requirements for the people who want to survive. There is a tough need for qualified and high spiritually educated specialists in the bringing up young generation. While there were improvements in the construction of buildings for childcare in previous years, nowadays the capability and development of teachers has been an important statement for nowadays.

Looking at the history of teachers’ role in society in previous century, there are many underlying differences between today’s and yesterday’s attitude towards them. In XX century the whole world was changing in a rapid way, all spheres saw inventions and breakthroughs in technologies. But when we gave a look to Uzbekistan the schools were old, teaching and learning conditions were in a damaged by conservative views. The methods of the traditional teaching were not satisfactorily for the pupils’ further development as pupils in developed countries.

High- performing countries have well-developed exact and effective measurements to select students before entering to universities and become a dedicated specialist in their future career. Over the past period after the declaration of the independence of Uzbekistan there has been a decline in the preparation and performance of educators. The professional knowledge and skills of professionals is the key of successful development in any field. In our educational system, it is irrefutable that the quality of teacher’s pedagogical and worldwide aspects are crucial things to consider deeply. By this way on December 10, 2012, the implementation of the Presidential Decree № 1875 on “ The measures of strengthening the system of learning foreign languages” creates the fundament on learning and teaching foreign languages in the education system. Nowadays in many spheres learning and performing foreign language capability is a vital improvement in gaining more knowledge in globe. Take one example of teaching foreign languages in Uzbekistan. First and foremost important directions specified Presidential Decree of the country is to strengthen and the raise the quality of foreign languages up new stage towards improving Professional knowledge and skills number of foreign language teachers, whose work include to be occupied at schools. According to this, 30% bonus added as a grant to the monthly wages to those people who made significant contribution to teaching foreign languages. Data from the statistics showed that this change in education sphere effected to change people’s attitude to teaching profession in a positive way. Furthermore, there are many qualification and developmental institutes for the teachers where they can improve, highlight or learn new aspects about their sphere. Competent teachers are being respected among the population. More and more youth want to be a teacher. The President gave instructions on raising wages, the status of teachers in society, their social and legal protection. It is being emphasized that it is crucial to limit the inspections of teachers’ activities by various monitoring bodies, not to involve teachers in landscaping activities, participation in various meetings, subscription campaign and other activities that is not within their competence. The task was set for organization of a special legal service on protection of the rights of teachers. By then there has been many positive contributions in order to improve the role of teachers in society. “It is necessary to raise the quality of general secondary education to a new stage. At the same time, based on what skills the student will receive in each class, it is necessary to revise the state education standards and curricula. It is necessary to create and publish textbooks on the basis of the most modern techniques, to strengthen in schools such areas as technology, the foundations of engineering, mathematics, art, foreign languages, re-equip subject laboratories. Attention should also be paid to ensuring the continuity of the system of preschool and higher education”, said Shavkat Mirziyаyev. (September 30, 2017)

It is also highlighted that it is important to revise the requirements for directors of general schools and their deputies. Their qualification should be taken into consideration while it is about an educational issue. It is wisely to appoint personnel with managerial abilities to the post of director, sharply increase the responsibility of deputies for spiritual, enlightenment and training work. By developing and working on their qualifications teachers can be motivated and helped to do well in their field.

Special attention was also paid to issues of financing the public education system. Where there is no financially satisfaction with the working condition, there is not satisfactorily working efficiency in any field. Besides it, people do not want to be occupied with this sphere if it is not promising. It was noted that when forming the State Budget for 2019, it is advisable to increase the amount of funding the sphere, as well as to create a separate fund under the Ministry of Public Education for attracting highly qualified specialists. In this way specialists are going to be attracted to teach younger generation in their job for further development. For the purpose of qualitative execution of activities on construction, reconstruction and repair of schools, instructions were given on formation of a special engineering company in the system of public education. In recent years they will show their effect to the future of teaching. Special attention was paid to such issues as widespread introduction of information and communication technologies in the education system, provision of extra-budgetary revenues at the disposal of a school, establishment of an intra-collective control system in schools, development of a school rating in order to increase the number of model schools. These all are done under one aim to improve the availability facilities for youths, teachers are in pre side people to have a responsibility to bring up mentally, physically, psychologically healthy generation for the future. Experts in education field indicate the need to improve the teacher-training program to concentrate funds. Since experts suggest that the existing staff is less trained to deal with upcoming curriculum changes and the requirement to teach in Uzbek. They also noted the necessity to open a few high-quality research and training centers for intensive retraining and in service training for teachers. They think that it is the only way to train specialized teachers in their field. The implementation of this National Program requires in-service training of more than half a million teachers and pre-service training of new teachers at various educational institutes for the system of secondary specialized and vocational training. Before developing higher educational changes secondary education should be reformed deeply, as there are many teachers who has lack of technological knowledge or modern methods of teaching. In our modern world there are many interactive methods to teach children more effectively which did not exist a decade before. Due to the concentration of funds efforts in the 1990s, the government has made significant improvements in teacher salaries and benefits. Which can be surprisingly new for the people who has already given up their intention to make their children in teaching.

In brief note, a monthly salary of teachers ranges according to their qualifications. It is an honor to the teachers to be respected by the youth. Recent survey showed first improvement in the role of teachers among a large number of youngsters who want to be a teacher in future as their career. More than 71% of young people would like to be teachers. The survey involved more than 1,120 respondents. At the same time, 31%of them stated their willingness to work in public schools, 20% in higher education institutions,11% in private schools and 10% in educational institutions. It means the status of teachers have been improved in society. They are in builders of our future in all spheres by educating and motivating children for being capable of showing Uzbekistan in world arena.

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