Важность воспитания детей на основе национальных традиций

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Основные направления Восточного образования. В первую очередь, воспитание детей в семье, в детском саду, в школе, в районе должен быть сформирован в сотрудничестве с общественностью, с учётом этики преподавания.

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Perfect to have a deep scientific outlook, which is one of the human qualities to earn it, read a lot and learn, learn while bilmaganlarini. The limits of science by wise men in our respectable writing about the lack of valuable ideas have to be postponed. For example, it possesses all of the knowledge, abu ali ibn sina: “the rest of the world did not know not a fan, nor is my balance, it was difficult donish”, along with that write: “needless to reach the same level of my knowledge, now I realize my ilmsiz”,-said with pride will keep himself from it. Every guy who enters the way of the scientific outlook to amplify himself the science of getting the girl be patient, the perseverance of giving be filled with the lesson of the master, the master of the education given must always be respected.

Our grandfather alisher navoi “Bilmaganni ask learned scholars, orlanib did not ask a tyrant to himself,” no one should never forget that advice. No one mother never studied the snow when he came to the world not see it in a social setting, ask, learn, and mimic in their own way and out of life finds place yaxshiga yomonlardan conclusion. Such men would be alive or died from tarbiyali be educated and live forever, even after you sign. There man whatever it is a success if honest labor, and patience will achieve. So, today, I learn the science of nasiba and our professional provision and afflicted ourselves, our respect, determines our future.

The concept of oriental culture, the people of the east of the country that is related to the expression of a trait. If there are qualities that are typical in all of the peoples of the east, among them traditional people, be patient, and by way of a compromise solution of social problems, dealing with go to regularly useful work, kindness, solidarity and others.

Such a character, which is of significance in the educational life of mankind — man is patient, strong-willed, sharp-minded, physically strong and spiritually invincible, represents that mercy will be with.

From humble beginnings the people of Uzbekistan, tolerance, content availability, has caught the attention of fantasy with my neighbor. ”Humble identities to midday to arrogance” that I was not to transplant also avail.

It is probable that the main directions of vivid oriental culture found expression in his neighborhood. Primarily, the education of children in the family, in kindergarten, at school, in the neighborhood shall be formed in cooperation with the public, of ethics are taught. A model family in the neighborhood of the parents and the children tarbiyali from your finances to keep the pattern from showing. Similar to counsel the family so good. Kindness and mutual help from relatives in the neighborhood, the neighborhood will put too close. Therefore, “the seven neighborhood parents to a child that lived during the long years of the transplant. As can be seen in the behavior of any young adults in the neighborhood are tarbiyali fail and their children-has encouraged an adult to be a person of perfect advice. Now which?–now such positive cases are rare.

Busy parents are these children in the street with no message from tarbiyali conduct. The advice of every man in the neighborhood who has seen such young people in this position, a warning qarzdir also also prescribed. Because of our children, as well as the same neighborhood, and the future of our country is pride. We go according to the quality of the negative or knowingly overlooked ,,you touch them,” I have made qabilida work, the effects of it in the neighborhood, and finally, in society can lead to an unpardonable quality. Therefore, in the family, the neighborhood, and we should approach with particular responsibility for nurturing public and semi-oriental.

The head of state is also present in the east, education, family affairs, the role and function of each of the family members in the family, healthy parents of healthy children coming into the world, uza uzbekistan fayz barokat and the reporter are at home, advice and a lot of opportunities that would be repeated-repeated statement taking. Using the rational that glorious age seen in the neighborhood in the neighborhood can ko'pni keksalarda bilateral relations, cooperation does not look so positive for me to put out: “the neighborhood, the event should be the significance of a specific place that is special educational persons in the society. This unique experience — the neighborhood standards of living of the population in other countries of the world are rare, so also with the human society teaches one to live together, in the same spirit, who educate primary and the incomparable space — this neighborhood is”.

One of the important aspects of oriental culture to the children a good name if you put this in chaqirganlar which should not be ashamed of it. The content of the praise also should be able to name the qualities of man. While finding a good name remained a problem in the present day. Because the “name” of “do you know the meaning of your name?” is published in books such as.

One of the main criteria to respect oriental culture is to put the place of the parents. Each considers his main obligation in this smart children. Finding the heart of service is fulfilled by parents, the children will not be never the less is blessed of the body. They are also themselves, parents be too happy walking. Prayers for the parents and the children who filled the heart of a child from reading them always, waiting to return from work. Alisher navoi of our forefathers “father give head in front of his mother for a body its worth your charity” or “after another month, if you know one let the sun” that be the motto of all of the advice age, the practical application of belgilanmog'i it should be. But, unfortunately, this does not apply in life the structure of one find sad. Such a one also in the neighborhood, in a public place, we can go in a certain circle for giving advice and counsel that can lead to positive results desired.

Any knowledge to get a professional to learn the difficulty is, these troubles are those who are overcome with patience to reach the goal. Content-people — people is the best, content-rich people boyi is also of particular significance is the idea that. “Awe-ul-Abror”at the show thus, “a rich man is Content, content is go'sha true wealth, the gold content is never lost, not sitting in the lodge doing research is preferred podshohdan darvesh ta'magir qana”.

Bred oriental, such to be a charity, in respect to adults, small to izzatda to be obscene dress, the guests and the guests expect to go to save a deposit, the relative-between the seeds of kindness, strengthening the vulnerable and disabled children to help orphans, reveal many similar parties, and we also have our education on the basis of age, giving the place we found and told about their ways in life, parents, teachers among the actual tasks that we can work together. So, parents at home, teachers in educational institutions young people are more likely to wear, delivered action, ranging from specific to all facets of humanity we are responsible. The result of this task responsibly for our future to thrive the development of healthy and meaningful continue our generation, a healthy lifestyle aimed at organized.

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