Формирование культуры здоровья в учебно-воспитательном процессе сельской школы

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В статье рассматривается проблема формирования культуры здоровья в учебно-воспитательном процессе сельской школы. Рекомендуется комплекс мероприятий, направленных на формирования здорового образа жизни у детей.

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Basic components of harmonious development of the person are his physical, mental, moral and intellectual health. Now deterioration of all components of development and health of pupils is noted.

The culture of health includes the necessary volume of knowledge of various aspects of health, ways of its strengthening and development, the resistant created motivations and moral and strong-willed qualities of the personality directed on care of the health and also on formation of skills of a healthy lifestyle.

Using health saving technologies in the work allows the school student to provide possibility of preservation of health during training, to create necessary knowledge, abilities, skills of a healthy lifestyle, to teach to use knowledge in everyday life.

Carrying out monitoring of a state of health of pupils at the beginning of academic year together with health workers, allows us to take dynamic supervision over a state of health of children for all academic year considering value judgment of teachers and parents.

For mass health improvement at school the restroom where children have opportunity to have a rest during the break or after lessons is equipped. The room is equipped with the TV, the videorecorder, the audio system with a karaoke, the tape recorder. It is used by the psychologist for individual and group work with pupils.

The problem of preservation and promotion of health of school students is solved by the motive regime of pupils of school developed and which is carried out by group of teachers, including: physical exercises at lessons, mobile breaks, days of health, week of health, sports sections, sports hours, physical culture in the fresh air. It allows each pupil to have sufficient daily physical activity, according to age of the child.

In the mode of school primary prevention of diseases is carried out: short-sightedness, violations of a bearing, stressful situations, traumatism.

For a solution of the problem of preservation and promotion of health of school students every week is broken in the following directions: Monday –music treatment, Tuesday – outdoor games, Wednesday – an aromatherapy, Thursday – reflexotherapy, Friday – a relaxation.

Within psychological diagnostics monitoring of educational process is carried out. With the purpose to reveal features of each pupil for further use of these teachers, support trained, having different abilities and motivation to training. It allows to reduce the level of the general uneasiness of school students that is one of paramount factors of preservation of mental health.

The psychologist gives training classes in ensuring adaptation of pupils to new conditions of training, formation of life skills, prevention of neurosises, and also actions for prevention of deviant behavior and a drug addiction.

Special significance is attached to personal inclusion of school students and teachers in process of preservation and promotion of health.

At faculty meetings and school methodical associations the technologies and techniques allowing to construct optimum a lesson and after-hour work are considered. Annually when scheduling sports and mass and improving actions the attention is paid to participation in them of teachers and parents that allows to increase motivation to sports activities and a healthy lifestyle among pupils.

Work of school among pupils, with parents brings the results: the number of the children consisting on the dispensary account decreased, the number of admissions due to illness decreased, pupils began to treat more seriously the health, and we see that the healthy lifestyle becomes their norm of life.

Thus, teaching and educational process has to be based so that school students could manage knowledge strongly without prejudice to the health that training didn't interfere, but promoted harmonious development of children.

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