Биоцидные свойства препаратов на основе перфторацилазидов


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Статья посвящена синтезу новых соединений - перфторацилазидов и исследование их фунгицидной активности.

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Purpose of work — the synthesis of new compounds — perfluoroacylazides and exploration of their fungal activity.

Materials and methods

To assess the fungal properties of perfluoroacylazides the test cultures of fungi were used: Aspergillus niger, A. ustus, Penicillium granulatum, P. aurantiogriseum, Cladosporium cladosporioides. As initial compounds for the synthesis of perfluoroacylazides the olygomers of hexafluoropropene oxide and sodium azide were used.


In the certain conditions of operation (absence of solar radiation effects, contact with the soil and the air, contaminated by soil particles, surface wetting of product more than 60%, the limited air circulation, temperature range 0 — 45 ° C) can develop processes of microbiological degradation of materials that reduce the efficiency and durability of structural elements of various machines and constructions.

The greatest harm caused filamentous fungi, intensive breeding in these conditions by means of spores and hyphae and damaging material chemically and mechanically separating aggressive with respect to the materials of construction waste products.

There are two groups of biochemical reactions of filamentous fungi:

  1. The reactions leading to the formation of new cellular material (endothermic).
  2. The reactions leading to the formation of metabolites and reinforcing processes of destruction of materials, for example, intensify the corrosion of metals (exothermic).

To protect against microbial corrosion should be used substances that inhibit the growth of filamentous fungi, i.e. fungicides. They are introduce into the material (e.g., into polymer) as an additive or coated with a thin layer on its surface [1,2].

We at the first time obtained and offer for use the new fungicides — perfluoroacylazides.

Perfluoroacylazides directly synthesized from olygomers (dimer, trimer) of hexafluoropropene oxide and sodium azide, as well as under phase transfer catalysis.

2,3,5-triphenyltetrazoliumchloride (dichloromethane — water system) was used as phase transfer catalyst:


New perfluoroacylazides demonstrate noticeable fungicidal activity. The perfluoroacylazides can also be used as chemical sterilizers of biotechnology equipment.

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