Повышение эффективности урока через применение педагогических технологий

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Применение сегодня интерактивных методов обучения помогают в достижении учебных целей, а также их соответствие методам обучения играет важную роль.

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Joint activity in the lesson is designed to improve readers. students together to find a solution to the problem put before are looking on average come by examples of evidence, conclusions and the decisions they make.

The president of the national didactic approach in the field of education from the standpoint of only a few describes it below: “within the spiritual education of the people of uzbekistan will inspire creative activity as active. The best options will display all of the younger generation, professional-curry, continuous improvement of skills, the experience of the older generation and the young generation is taken to mean wise pass” .

To us, as it is known, holds a special place in modern education technology education is problematic. The essence of educational technology is problematic or problems that are related to one another in the chain of lies.

Problematic to the process of education is carried out in the following four stages based education methods:

  • To form a problematic situation;
  • A general problem formation and problem solving analysis;
  • The assumed solution check;
  • practical and theoretical to apply in the issue, edit them and siyosiylashtirish.

Unless the problem is solved in the process of the lessons the reader himself, are important the “discovery” that. Himself to make sure this case study. (that's my discovery, I found that I invented)

Muamo with this side-all other teaching technology education technology is superior. Because the reader to go out looking for it, analyse emperik concluded, apply to other situations, the idea of planning for practical activities to apply the skills mulohazalrini go take prove in the future.

An institution of education and rely on traditional teaching noana'naviy problematic. Muamo a situation put in front of students, teachers, in addition to the need to seek to solve it, research methods teaches students. The problem is to find a solution for the transition to primarily seek the necessary environment must be created.

To be clear the problem, students or in the process of looking for it in the previous topic, the science in which information, knowledge, from knowledge that one can use. The problem is too important to put before his actual students to have affairs.

Educational technology in the educational process of teachers and learners remain effective despite the fact shakliy was only an attitude, but is active in ensuring that is provided for the readers to know. The lessons from this in turn process is not one technology, but students that come out every steps specific features, knowledge of the appropriate strategy requires the use of technology.

Today the technology is widely used in programming learning lessons of the game. Educational games learning materials to students based technology in combination with the activities of investigating without transforming the game into the minds of when we look at the game content is integrated in the learning mode.

Readers use technology to master game control. (for example, find the video, called do it yourself, stairs by stairs, the purchase of lost or in the way of saying continued)

To split the games that executed the role: this method take interest remain vivid despite achievement educational goals through the application of knowledge to teacher training, in the wake of the batter, while when it is applied at the start of the lesson to readers spiritual lessons you can also prepare. Complex cognitive process of technology that was interesting in the game mentally pretty labor the labor process gives a convenient opportunity to pass.

Primary graders fairy-tale play the role of hero in this process they can learn specific features of the image the contents of the text better. While in high school age is organized based on specific topics. The types of educational game content, according to the shape of stripes into three types:

  • playing with the handouts on the table;
  • who play oral;
  • role in drammalashtirilib playing games.

On the basis of the handouts on the table games readers of the forms of independent thinking skills, for example: pictures allocated to different parts of the sentence the words written in the squares and divide the group.

Fluent oral speech through children's educational games, children of topqirlik shall be formed. For example: say the opposite according to the meaning of the word, fisherman and others.

Role, playing games works of art, fairy tales, the role of the hero of the story, the performance of the students through the content of the game, the idea is about the characters and fuller recognize, recognize, analyze analogy imagine.

Teachers prepare the necessary materials from the game the game the use of technology, requires us to exercise with the kids.

Readers of practical business skills and job performance skills of the game shape.

The essence of the interactive method, all students to get involved in the knowledge process is underway, they explain everything, and if he knew what think all will be able to realize. Interactiv lessons included the development of organization and communication, this is common to understand one another, however, significant for each of the participants to solve the tasks together brings. The use of interactive methods also do not duplicate each other according to the word the idea of a student also makes it also possible to prefer. Interactive critical thinking students in the learning process, the situation analysis on the basis of the relevant information and solve complex problems, compare alternative ideas, thought to make decisions, participation in negotiations, the other person learns to communicate with to access and share.

Unconventional methods of education in interactive electronic format processed in the following lessons and conclusions can be made.

  1. Unconventional methods of education interactive lessons the reader in the center of the person could take a matter of teaching independent thought. Place mold in many years, the old-type system lessons free thinking readers if it is set to only give the information to the student was based.
  2. Unconventional methods of education lessons and the lesson readers and the admiration to get knowledge interactiv important is the motivation of carrying the attitude of, if you say it will not be a mistake.
  3. Unconventional education methods interactive lessons and the use of important educational role, that is, educational opportunities and abilities and reflect them in the real realization of lurking ability with his confidence to approach educate.
  4. Applying interactive methods in the practice of the school of education, the reader simply did not remain in the study from each subject and qonuniyat achievement scientific understanding, but also clarification of the cause which produced it.
  5. The scientific dating in the form of educational self keep himself in a complicated situation outlook free, interactive lessons in unconventional methods of education independently chosen the right path and know I have made sure the importance of that is great.

Many hundreds scientific methods in the literature about the living standards of pedagogical education provides recommendations to achieve efficiency. However, their main drawback is the application of this method on the basis of teachers are entrusted to undertake. Unconventional method that we describe iterfaol education lessons and put the person in a central place in the reader. Thus, the teacher performs the complementary function of the organizers and the content.

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