Информационные технологии в образовании


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В статье освещается о применении информационных технологий в образовательном процессе..

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Today, information technology is one of the most important factors affecting the development of our society. Of information technology in the various stages of human development are also available, awarenesses the specific features of modern society, that is, all the available technologies of information technology, in particular the leading place among the new technologies.

Defining the effectiveness of modern information technology and extensive use of didactic materials, technical means of educational technology is one of the main characters. The national program has been given particular emphasis to this important means of educational process management.

Information tools (computer, electronic communication, radio, television) from the use of the level is determined by two factors:

  1. That gives the effect of didactic materials for the educational process and the development of information tools on the subject.
  2. The methodological aspects of their practical activities of teachers in the preparation of didactic materials and technical tools use to get check.

The process of education information on pre-pedagogical only in the design of achieve the ultimate goal. One of the main directions of the computerization of the pedagogical process of educational technology is the area where the concentrate should be and modern.

Information technology — these people and the development of knowledge, which expands on the capabilities of their technical and social management processes of data organization, storage, production, restoration, methods and technical means of transmission. When I say again, as well as information technology, to achieve a certain goal and is understood to be an activity performed from the bondage of the process is created. You chain, which constitute the technological processes, the organization of the exchange of information between them and the combination of them does not create the possibility from the use of a computer, increases the effectiveness of any technology. Of course, the technology to do a thorough study of the process and the exchange of information between them, as well as process chain (i.e. technology) for the supply of management information to the analysis of the necessity appears.

The technical achievement of the principles of modern information technology consists of the following three:

  1. Machine reading of information in understanding the emergence of a consolidated environment (magnetic, tape, movie, magnetic disks, etc.);
  2. An important limit on the distance to the point of sharing location information at any time and with the development of communication means that deliver providing of the population with the tools cover a wide communication (radio broadcasting, television, data transmission networks, satellite communications, telephone network, etc.);
  3. The information given to the computer with the help of the automated production of the algorithm (sorting, classification, in the desired form, express, create, and so on.) increase.

Information technology, first of all, circulation processing complex information and, secondly, the image of this process.

An important role of information technology in the education process, will help to solve the following tasks:

  • taught individual students and consists of unique qualities specific to each person open in reader, and storage, the development of their abilities to know, committed to delivering to the formation of the maturation of self;
  • events and complex events, to learn clear, natural-scientific, technical, social, humanitarian sciences and arts, ensure that the mutually associated between closely;
  • the educational process content, forms and methods of continuous and dynamic manner accordingly in update.

Together with the introduction of the education system from the perspective of information technology, the following problems arise:

  1. Technical problems — the education system used in these electronic — computing and microprocessor the technical requirements of an institution, practice them, defines the properties;
  2. The problems of the program — these types and structure of the software for use in the system of education, defines the structure and properties of their application;
  3. The problems of preparation — these teachers and pupils, the teachers and students of information and communication technologies, including computing literacy also is associated with use of technics.

Today, the main direction of education in different educational information on subjects from the creation of educational software tools to become. Computer teaching tools available and being developed however technique as on the base of the teaching program can cause an important shift from the perspective of education. One of the reasons for this-established traditional start the introduction of computer technology in the teaching process. The main content of this technology and methods, and focused on his does not feel they need to.

Education technology is constantly because of the information many of them of the same information storage, transmission, to convey to the user was associated with. With the emergence of computer equipment and communication tools the technology of teaching has changed radically. The implementation of information technology in the education process requires that the following be available:

  • technical computers as tools of education and communication tools;
  • the organization of educational process is systematic and practical software suitable for him;
  • educational and methodological developments suitable for the introduction of new technical means in the educational process.

Next time in "computer technologies in teaching the concept of" dissolve, thus understanding of the technology of teaching carried out on the base of the computer. However, the teaching of information technology computers information technology computer technology is wide because of the concept of from the concept of technical means is a part of.

Today, keeping various optical devices (video disc optical discs) are wide spread. They use the information together at the same time allows you to write graphic text at the same time, a high-quality image will appear in her recovery. Magnetic writing, as opposed to any number do not deteriorate in writing of the optical disc in recovery. The computers work, programming-mathematical software of high-tech production is an important direction of development.

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