Использование педагогических педагогических технологий и игр в обучении урокам иностранного языка

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В настоящее время интерес и внимание к применению инновационных педагогических технологий и игр в образовательном процессе усиливается, и одна из причин этого заключается в том, что в современной образовательной системе современные технологии помогут им искать свои знания, самостоятельно анализировать и даже делать выводы.

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In the process of teaching foreign language courses, advanced pedagogical technologies are required to use interactive, innovative methods and communication methods. Foreign language teaching in the Republic of Uzbekistan is based on the recommendations of the European Commonwealth of Independent States ( CEFR ) to assess the knowledge and skills of foreign language teachers new methods and requirements are being developed.

In this process, the teacher creates conditions for personal development, formation education and upbringing, and at the same time, fulfills the functions of management, guidance. Knowledge, experience, and interactive methods of pedagogical technology and pedagogical skills provide teenage learners with stable knowledge at schools.

Knowing and using up to date communication technologies and modern gadgets in the educational process is one of the most important issue. Because , they can increase the interest of teenagers in the foreign language through them at schools . This creates opportunities for the use of innovative technologies in education and the demand increases.

Teaching methods involve a variety of working methods and forms that can be used to achieve the objectives of a specific pedagogical process. Majority of teaching methods have been created on the basis of the various forms and that are used and practiced in practice, and this process continues especially at schools of Uzbekistan. Because, currently teaching English language as a foreign language can be started from kinder-gardens with beneficial pedagogical technologies, such as :computers, laptops, CDs , books and others.

Furthermore , here are some of the paths that can be used for the activity that is required to be performed as a means of action, and the path chosen according to the intended purpose. For example, education can be taught through: family education, schooling, preschool education, teacher training, books, computers, exhibition aids, announce Similar tracks can also be used to teach a similar number, arithmetic meanings.

As a teacher of school , I mostly try to use these methods in different part of my lessons in different level of classes . After each classes we usually to compare our own occlusions with our colleges and share our experience in order to develop our skills in English. These are the methods used by a teacher, a teacher in a family, a preschool education institution, and the school education; computer, books and other educational tools. Each path chosen by the same number to teach arithmetical acts implies using specific techniques. Each action is carried out in a specific way and in the appropriate method. Thus, the use of interactive methods in teaching subjects is unique. Careful learning and practical application of each interactive method used in education can extend pupils thinking and have a positive impact on the problem’s solving in higher classes of schools.

The aforementioned will require a proper analysis of interactive teaching methods and the need to classify them on that basis. Below we will discuss general comments on this issue. Classification of the techniques can be divided into interactive learning strategies, interactive graphic organizers.

Studying foreign languages open the door to great opportunities. Today’s linguist can not only live in harmony with time, but also learn from the latest news, enjoy the true knowledge of the world literature and literature, communicate with peers and colleagues abroad, share ideas and experiences possible.

Therefore, studying foreign languages is important for teachers. One of the most effective ways to learn English, especially in English, is the game method. These games may be used in English language. In teaching processes we usually use different games at the beginning of our lessons in order to encourage our pupils in English.

For example, in the “ Findout ” exercise, the instructor and the reader will share. The pupil must find words that are not relevant to the teaching tools. At the end of the game , the pupil who correctly performs the assignment will say the words which is related today’s topic .

Purpose of play:

  • Increase pupils vocabulary;
  • Development of agility and talent;
  • Formulating grouping skills according to the meaning of the words;

“ Find out the words ”game. According to the rules of this game, the reader should quickly put numbers in the right word.

The sun — month
The sky — star
The star — the sun
The moon — sky
A ball — a lick
A plate — a table
A table — a tall

The goal of the game is to make the pupils more productive, focused, and responsive. Introducing new words in English.

The second game is called “ Find quality ” game. This game is held in English lessons of mine often, even in low level classes. When the reader gets acquainted with quality word series, the student will also be able to describe the attributes in English.

Long — uzun
Beautiful — chiroyli
An animal — jonivor
A book — kitob
A table — stol
Language — til

Teaching English science through the use of different games is invaluable. Playing various games during the classroom increases the passion for learning science in the classroom, and encourages passive learners to participate better in the classroom, creating a competitive environment for students in the classroom and at the same time creating a cosmic atmosphere. It also increases learners` respect for their teachers. Below you will be provided with games that help you increase the efficiency of teaching during English lessons.

The next the most interesting game is “Last man standing” . This game is a fast game. But it gives some time to think. This game encourages learning together, that is, when other pupils say, the rest of the learners are thinking about themselves. You will need a little to play. And all pupils should be in a circle. You need to choose a theme. For example, things found in a kitchen, food, profession and so on. The game begins by throwing a ball to student. The reader speaks an English word on the subject and throws the ball to the next reader. Anyone who accepts the ball must make a statement on that subject. If they repeat the words or if they can not fin a word within a few seconds, they will quit the game and watch the game seated. Do not worry, they’re still learning. You can change this game in a slightly different way. Instead of speeches on a subject, every pupil can say something different to the next reader. For example , you can start the game by saying “ say something red ” ( biror qizil narsani ayting ). The first reader who holds the Copter can then “ strawberry ” and the drop a topic and throw it to the other. This makes the game somewhat challenging, since the reader should know what the subject should look like before thinking about a word.

The following game is the best game of teenagers . It is “Pictionary ”game. Many English speakers Pictionary are familiar with the drawing game. For illustration purposes, you can use simple whiteboard or white magnetic card. Divide the class into 2 groups and draw the table on the side of the board for each team. You write scores here. A team of the team will be released. And the chooses one of the many reversible words and draws that word on a board. And others will have to find. The score will be awarded to the team that won 10 points is the winner. After each unit me use this game in order to revise privies lessons.

To sum up , using various advanced pedagogical technologies and games in teaching foreign language lessons are very fruitful at schools for any level of learners especially for teenagers. Those can be developed their knowledge of English without any challenges, because, by the help of pedagogical technologies and interesting games help to avoid boring and traditional lessons.

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