Вклад Чимганских и Нуратинских гор в экотуризм

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В данной статье представлена информация о горах, расположенных на территории Узбекистана. Чимган и Нуратинские горы сегодня ежегодно привлекают миллионы людей своей уникальной природой и вносят большой вклад в экотуризм своими рекреационными зонами.

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Nowadays, it is one of the most famous resorts, where both Uzbekistan and visitors to our country spend their leisure time. It is a fantastic location for mountain skiing, travel, and recreation. The tourism industry is developing rapidly. In particular, many parts of the world are famous for their ecotourism. Uzbekistan is also unique in its nature. Uzbekistan is not only a land of ancient cities, glorious madrasas, mosques and minarets, but also a country that can attract tourists with its unique nature. Uzbekistan has a different climate: arid deserts of Kyzylkum and Karakum, the snowy Tien Shan mountain range, rivers and lakes, dark mountain forests, spring-flowering steppes, the environmentally harmful but charming Aral Desert (rather than the dried Aral Sea), and other places are already well-known.

The Nurata and Chimgan Mountains are two examples of such magnificent natural wonders. Nurata is situated between the Kyzylkum and Hunger deserts to the west and east, respectively. There are three ridges in this mountain range: Karatau, Aktau, and Nuratau. The ridge, however, is indistinguishable in height, and the highest point is Mount Hayotbakhshi, which stands at 2169 meters. Despite the lack of climbers' interest, the Nurata Mountains attract a large number of tourists due to their rich history, unique monuments, mild climate, and healing springs. The "Temurid Gates" are one of the most well-known monuments. It's a small gorge on the Sanzor River, which runs through the eastern Nurata Mountains near Jizzakh. The 120-130-meter-wide gorge is named after our great commander Amir Temur and is surrounded by two large rocks on one side. The Persian inscriptions written by the rulers who passed by, Ulugbek and Abdullakhan, can be seen on the right rock of the Gates. On the western slopes of the Nurata Mountains is the Sarmishsay gorge, another interesting monument. This place is considered to be an unusual zone, which scientists explain by the presence of unique chemical elements, unique climate and complex landscape. This mysterious and little-studied land attracts not only scientists but also many tourists.

The Nurata Mountains are a great place not only for regular travel, but also for the holidays. In addition to natural monuments, the lifestyle of the local population is also of great interest. By the way, not far from the Nurata Mountains, on Lake Aydarkol, there is a grassland, which is very popular among tourists. It is also possible to participate in the process of creating various carpets and other items in these houses, along with the opportunity to sleep in hotel houses. In the spring and fall, in the early days of spring, and during the harvest season, Nurata celebrations are held, where local singers and dancers can be seen, as well as public performances. The most popular game is called "Kop-Kari", which means "Most people's work". "Kop-Kari" is a game performed using a horse animal.

Chimgan is one of the mountains that attracts tourists with its amazing nature. Chimgan is the foremost prevalent ski resort of Uzbekistan, located 80 km from Tashkent on inclines of Chimgan Mountains which are the portion of Chatkal extend of western Tian-Shan. The Valley of Chimgan is surrounded by mountains and is located at an elevation of 1200-1600 meters above sea level. Greater Chimgan Mountain (3309 m) is the valley's main peak, towering over the entire valley. Gulkam, Beldersay, and other scenic areas can be found in the Chimgan Mountains. Furthermore, this district is the most ecologically diverse part of Uzbekistan, as these locations are part of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park, which protects various mountain landscapes in western Tian-Shan.

Chimgan is known as "Uzbek Switzerland" because of its beauty and health-improving properties. Mountain slopes are covered in relict fir-tree woods. Mountain rivers, known as "Say," indent the mountains and hills. There is fresh and pure air with the fragrance of many flowers and herbs (the word "Chimgan" or "Chim yon" translates as "green grass" or "green valley"). This territory was developed as a recreation zone as early as the pre-revolutionary period. Russian doctors — officers built the hospital in Chimgan at the end of the nineteenth century after discovering the healing properties of mountain air. And, following the construction of the country residence of the Governor-General of Turkestan, Chimgan gained popularity among citizens as an ideal recreation area.

Chimgan's tourist complex includes a number of high-rise buildings, hotels, cottages, a cable rail road, a network of shops, bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as other recreation institutions such as recreation. Winter and spring are the busiest seasons for tourists in this area. In the winter, this area is a hotspot for fans of winter sports such as downhill skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding, and free-ride. The ski season begins in December and runs through March. Alpinists, rock climbers, and sky surfers flock to the mountains in the spring. Chimgan offers interesting itineraries through mountain landscapes during the summer, as well as paragliding and horseback riding. Aside from that, the Chimgan mountains entice visitors with their apple and fir-tree forests, barberry and dog rose bushes, tumultuous rivers, beautiful lakes, and waterfalls zones, sanatoriums, and summer camps. These regions will primarily appeal to tourists as an eco- and ethno-tourism destination. The isolation from major cities, highways, and industrial facilities contributes to the preservation of the environment on the northern slopes of the Nurata Mountains. The area's small population, with the majority of residents working in agriculture, contributed significantly to conservation efforts. Guest houses in September and other mountain villages provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the local way of life. In addition, there are historical sites and natural attractions close to the villages that can be visited as part of one of the rural tours.

The Nurata and Chimgan Mountains are a collection of monuments, history, and impressions that will stay with you for the rest of your life. People come here for a short time to relax after a long day of work, or for a long time to spend time with friends. You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, ranging from extreme sports to relaxing in a hotel with all amenities.

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