Важность словарного запаса и методы его расширения

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В статье затрагивается тема изучения лексики, находящейся на периферии языка и имеющей ограниченную область употребления. Также в статье рассматриваются различные методы с помощью которых можно расширить словарный запас.

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The role of vocabulary in language acquisition

Lexicon is the establishment of language in a nutshell, lexicon is vital since it’s the premise of all dialect. It’s the crude building squares that we will utilize to precise our considerations and concepts, share data, get it others and develop individual connections. Even in the event that we scarcely know a dialect and have zero get a handle on of language structure, ready to still communicate (in spite of the fact that we might conclusion up sounding like cavemen!)

Vocabulary Definition

Vocabulary is indicated as «the gather and collection of words that are known and utilized by a specific person». It can too be characterized as «a list or collection of words or expressions that are regularly in order organized and characterized or explained». Vocabulary is additionally commonly called word stock, lexis, and lexicon.

Importance of Vocabulary

Vocabulary is a basic portion of anyone’s life and the taking after focuses portray the significance of vocabulary:

  • vocabulary is basic for communication and expression;
  • vocabulary shapes the premise of perusing comprehension;
  • Linguistic lexicon and considering lexicon work parallel;
  • Vocabulary too shapes a premise for judgment numerous times;
  • For passing on anything, lexicon is critical.

One of the most important tasks in learning a foreign language is not only practice with grammar, but also the expansion of vocabulary. The more words you know, the more situations you will be able to explain yourself — even if you have big problems with articles and the formation of tenses, you are likely to be understood. And if you know few words, then nothing can be done about it. It is important to understand that there are two types of vocabulary — active and passive. The first of these consists of words that you actively use, and the second is vocabulary that you «know» and understand. There are ways to increase the vocabulary of both types.

  1. Read a lot (various texts). It is one of the most obvious advices and the most effective ones. Reading allows students to get acquainted with a large number of words in what is probably the most effective context for their application. Often this allows to guess the meaning of the word, even if students do not know it — simply due to the words surrounding it. Teachers can recommend to their students to read anything, they can read books, histories, articles, magazines or newspapers. Reading is a great way to expand passive vocabulary;
  2. Play word games. Scrabble, crosswords, Jeopardy — any game built around words will be useful for task. This is a great way to expand student's vocabulary, because it works as if "in the background", student does not learn anything separately, but memorize words during the game;
  3. Use a dictionary. Of course, it is also a widely used method for improving vocabulary. Students can use dictionaries to memorize translations of some words, they can record not only the meaning of the word, but also the translation into their native language. This method is used in all educational institutions.

Reasons for Enhancing the Lexicon List of English Words

  • Vocabulary advancement for reading comprehensions. If you need to qualify for exams such as ACT, MCAT or SAT you would like to improve your dialect as these exams will test your capability in both English language structure and lexicon when reading comprehensions.
  • Improving communication skills. As mentioned before, making strides your communication abilities are required for various purposes. Apart from engaging in astute talks, you'll be able better express yourself as well as get it the person with whom you're communicating.
  • Enhancement driving to way better individual, social and career life. Language improvement can assist you see the world better. During the method, you may get it not as it were the words, sentence structures or elocutions but too the concept of all these and how or why they are utilized. With legitimate preparing in a language enrichment course, you may too be able to clear numerous misguided judgments that you just had approximately a few words and their uses.

I display to your consideration the best 5 books for growing your vocabulary:

  1. «McGraw-Hill Basic ESL Dictionary». The advantage of this lexicon is that it has been made particularly for the English dialect learner. This implies that the book has been outlined in a way that’s simple to get it so that nothing gets misplaced in translation;
  2. English Vocabulary in Use Series. One of the most delightful highlights of this arrangement is that understudies can select to consider American English or British English, which is extraordinary for people preparing for IELTS or TOEFL;
  3. «504 Absolutely Basic Words» This lexicon book is best for individuals who need to memorize survival English or got to build a solid establishment some time recently moving on to more advanced material. Just like the title recommends, it covers more than 500 of the foremost imperative and as often as possible used words in English;
  4. «Word Power Made Easy» The lexicon words come with a number of clarifications that put definitions into setting, so you'll get distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improvement much better thought of how to appropriately utilize these words in discussion and writing;
  5. «NTC Lexicon Builders». This book is outlined for progressed English learners who require help with English lexicon utilized in a proficient setting. This makes this arrangement of books culminate for understudies who are learning commerce English or ought to be a capable English speaker at work.

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