Важность использования современных интерактивных, увлекательных игровых методов на уроках истории

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Данная статья направлена на повышение эффективности системы образования. Идеи о передовом опыте, педагогических технологиях, интерактивных методах держал.

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In recent years, it has been implemented in the continuous education system in our country the basis of the reforms is the best practices that can meet the standards of world education in the process of popularization and education, spending little physical effort, high practical activities are being carried out to achieve efficiency. Currently common the most important and urgent task facing secondary school teachers increasing pupils' interest in learning, their imaginations. It consists of expansion. There are a number of them to this day activities were carried out, as a result of which the effectiveness of education in general secondary schools the ground for success was created. One of the important conditions for the effectiveness of the lesson is — the joint search for truth by the teacher and the students and the whole lesson of the pupils active participation in the process. Of course, this is a new pedagogy for the teacher the availability of technologies is shown by practice.

The present and the future of every country literally depends on the country's education system is determined by the level of development. After all, the development of the Motherland and the prospects of the nation lie on this ground is closely related to the development of boys and girls. People today One of the most important tasks in the education system is to bring the quality and content of education to a new level uplifting, spiritually perfect, morally pure, full of personal and professional qualities, formation of independent thinking, initiative, active young people, teachers' knowledge and to develop their professional skills, to provide them with practical methodical assistance, especially young people activities aimed at increasing teachers' enthusiasm for their chosen profession implementation. Development of pupils' creativity, ability to see news, learning to apply science and technology achievements in practice, "reading, learning and apply it in practice, analyze the results and work more efficiently" by creating a new environment. Today's pedagogues work tirelessly to find modern methods is a big task ahead. A teacher to make the lessons as interesting and effective as possible always searching, creating new things, hidden opportunities in the pupil's thinking in order to realize it, first of all, the master of skill, who deeply understands the heart of the student psychologist, expert in folk pedagogy and modern teaching methods should be based on local capabilities.

Today, role-playing games and interactive in the organization of modern education special attention is paid to effective use of methods. For Pupils theoretical knowledge acquired in relation to specific activities, practical skills and turning them into skills, creating educational activity in them, making them social. Role-playing games and interactive methods are unique in involving people in the relationship process takes place. Today, it is extremely convenient to use in the educational process a number of gaming technologies have been created.

Game technologies ensure the effectiveness of the educational process, creating certain activity in pupils, as well as knowledge, skills. "Ground to the topic" method. The goal of this method is pupils before reinforcing the learned topic, teach the students about this topic preparation. A good lesson, pupils learn well first of all, the teacher should attract the pupils starting with the topic, assignments on the topic passed to them not to give, but rather to give students a brief idea of the topic depends on what it produces. This method prepares more students for the lesson, It is used to repeat the topic and prepare the ground for reinforcement. Groups are defined. Pupils should be divided into groups of 5-7 people. When dividing into groups, it is important that the groups are equal in strength must 2-3 pupils who can learn well and to each group students who do not learn well should be accommodated. Each group you need to make a name for yourself. Shortening the period of time that serves to create skills, education helps speed up. Based on the above considerations, history seeing some of the games and interactive methods used in their classes we go out.

For this, the teacher applies to the groups as follows does: "When you name a group, consider the following?". You trigger an event from the topic passed to your group words or words that make up one of the main contents of the topic put a name through. Share with your group why you chose this name prepare to give (1-minute time is given). Give each group a name after that, those groups should be asked why they chose that name. This also shows the extent to which students have mastered historical terms does. After passing the above, students about the topic covered forming a brief understanding, the ground for students to strengthen the topic will be prepared. Then questions to these groups to reinforce the topic, assignments can be given.

Method "In summary-tree crop" Purpose: "In summary-tree crop" — Topic analyzed as a result of answering the questions that lead to the main content, is a playful method that leads to a final conclusion. It's a playful way of learning draw the main conclusion of the topic and exchange ideas with each other, events provide clarification of the statement. Recommendations on the stages of application:

  1. It should be used when reinforcing a topic that has been learned more;
  2. This method is appropriate if it is implemented in grades 5-9;
  3. First of all, to the poster to transfer the method "Summary-tree crop" or a tree is drawn on the class board, and the branches of the tree are the main ones of the subject simple questions that make up the content and make students think problematic questions are written down. Simple questions are written the main reason is that you know that only if problematic questions are written, you get excellent marks reading students can answer, but low-achieving students may not be able to answer. That's why all the simple questions in the class ensures students' participation. This creates competition among students emit;
  4. After the questions are written on the branches of the tree in the above order, students' answers are shortened and written in the "Answers" part of the tree. Answers are correct or deviate slightly from the question, even if incorrect, of the tree. It is written in the "Answers" section. One may ask why it is wrong or slightly off-topic answers are also recorded. This is the main reason in the process of analysis, the pupils correct the pupil's mistakes, and this process causes controversy;
  5. Analysis of the answers in the "Answers" part of the tree together with the students the most correct and optimal conclusion answer is from the "Answers" part of the tree written in the "Summary of answers" section. Answer all questions in this order will continue until it is given;
  6. Answers in the "Summary of answers" section. The conclusion is analyzed together with the pupils, and the main topic of the last topic the summary is written in the "Main summary of the final topic" part of the tree. Apparently because the main conclusion of the topic is a step-by-step analysis of the answers in the process.

Zakovat game is to adapt the classroom to the game first when playing the game must The participants of the game are selected using a test. Got a high score pupils will have the right to participate in the game. Game participants 6-8 consists of a person. The rest of the pupils are watching the game as spectators they stand Read the game questions in an envelope will be broadcast. The leader of the group reads the question and gives it to the teacher. To determine the answer one minute is allotted. During this time, the participants of the game discussed the answer they try to find. It is recommended to play this game mainly in high class. In Zakovat games, problematic questions are thrown in the middle and the problem is solved attention is paid to Role-playing games — in it the behavior of a concrete person, behavior, self the tactics of fulfilling tasks and obligations are practiced. This is history through play. It is used in the classes to perfectly know the personalities of historical figures. For example, Tomaris, Shiroq, Sitamen, Jalaluddin Manguberdi, Temur Malik, Najmidijn Kubro, Amir Temur, Husayn Baiqaro, Alisher Navoi, Mirzo Ulugbek, Shaibani Khan, Amir Olim Khan, Nadira, Khudoyar Khan, Muhammad Rahim Khan II and Dukchi Eshan there can be such persons. Through the above didactic games and interactive methods students' interest in the learning process increases and students' logical and creative thinking skills are formed.

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