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In IX century the second industrial city came into being which the waking period of Baghdad, Damascus, and xala is spread to all the other people he started in the cultural life of the city, it will begin the process towards cultural development in the state and prepare the ground.

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We remember it Xorun ar- Rashid during the period of Humility (786-833), after his son Al-Mamun in the period Bag'dod "Baytul reason" ("house of wisdom"), in the current period, even if the dissolution of the organization in the sense that the academy will know. This academy in the year 813-833 more advanced. Also at the academy observatory, a new library built. This in turn Bog'dod the development of science in the science center to the east and the west, has affected the development of the spiritual life, and about this "Baytul reason"who is the head of the scientific work of al-Kharezmi remember Al-Mamun to the extent that sponsored the development of the science of "Al-and al-muqobala account" in the game so described: "Allah the imam al-Mamun. Remember that it is the remaining legacy of the post him the gift of compassion, a dress put this post, after you decorate it, and at the same time subscriber to the science and the scholars themselves to try to keep close to love that gave you the courage had aroused, (because of it) the sponsorship of the wing on their own writing, to observe things that are unclear to them and they help to simplify things that are difficult for them."

Xorun ar-Rashid, the second son of Al-Mamun-the very value of science. It is located in the second industrial city in the beginning of ix century when scientists collect also is filling positions in the northern part of the country, mohammed and scientific conditions of their creation has been created. Among them are al-khwarizmi, Al-Xuttaliy, Al-Javhariy, Al-Temporarily, Al-Baghdad and scientists like all of his compatriots Marvaziy gets called "Baytul reason" — the house of wisdom ("Mamun academy")in collaboration with scientists at the prosperity of arab science.

Also, the main source of the awakening of the east, ancient cultural monuments created in the period appear, even if they or Greek, or most ancient cultural monuments of antiquity, of the traditions of mohammed and his people also, serve as the basis for the creation and development of the culture of the waking period. Along with these, there are again the most important aspect, in ix-xv centuries in the middle east in socio-economic and political changes as a result of these changes and has undergone an important process of waking up as the period was brought.

After all, the arabs occupied central asia, science and culture of the oven which is available from here previously is lost immediately if the scientific tradition of the ancient can restore gradually, as a result, the prominent image of science and the trains started. All of these ingredients to each other in the east qo'shiluvchi find and begin to develop as a result of a whole culture. The near and middle east, especially in iran, and after zakavkaze the development of communication competence in trade, science, crafts and cultural relations to the development of the material towards the total development of all effect.

During this period the expansion of land area used in agriculture, many irrigated lands opened to irrigation facilities restoration, new construction, cotton, linen, hemp sown, their fiber is fabricated from cloth. Mohammed, in particular Architecture, Urgench, Fergana, samarkand and bukhara textile products, especially silk samarkand and bukhara to the world of popular.

Agriculture, handicrafts and opened the way to the development of trade. As a result, the near and middle east countries: russia, spain, India. China, trade with byzantium works out.

Well-known scientists of the east and spain the culture through talking about the impact the f. it typically sulaymonova, “Pireney” half the island will open a new page of the history of mankind to be occupied by the arabs. Makedoniyalik dream of alexander the east and the west, a new era will begin. This process, especially, Typically, to the importance of incomparable. The east typically, only the effect of the development of culture, despite the fact not only remain, but in general, typically, the psychology of the people, thought, harakteri, lifestyle, is changing the historical process", — says mathematics and philosophy, astranomik, nature, medicine, behavior-behavior, lifestyle, socio-economic affairs, which affect the extent to which convincing evidence of life brings.

Feodal and independent country after the start of the X century the northern part of the state — Tohiriy, Bukhara, Samarkand, Qoraxoniy G'azna, Saljuqiy, Xorazmshoh also the emergence and the decay of cultural life of the state is not going to remember to be the back, but more comfortable will bring.

Circulation of money in this period of development. Society political, social and economic life changes, of course, remains held without their impact on the cultural life.

Bukhara, Samarkand state Marv, Bukhara, and Samarkand, Urgench, was considered the center of the culture of that period.

In this period the Arabic language was the language of communication and scientific. Would go to take lessons in the Arabic language in schools. Official documents, was keeping sharia rules in Arabic language. Scientific works written in Arabic also knew. By the middle of x century, the Persian-Tajik language also has this started working. However, written documents, work, Persian-Tajik language, would write in the spelling of Arabic.

Even tevarak to school in this city-the children of the common people of the surrounding villages also come after reading in the source subscriber is coming.

In that period, and visit a great book markets, book stores wise meeting people and scientists in scientific communication, the past discussions.

Farobi, abu ali ibn sino in aristotle's book one of the stores "metafizika"supports in the case of the review wrote that the translation I have purchased the story.

The emirates palace bukhara, while in a large library are available. Library library as a single library that can compete with sherozi in that period of Amir confessed. Library books on special shelves because Sherozi if kept in the crate while amir is stored in the library.

The second half of x century, the inns, the palace consists of some of his qoraxoniylar state library was organized. This library was also available in Arabic and even the works of western european scholars. The form of progressing in this period, turkic language, go. Specific joseph Street, like the time scientists have created works that have global significance.

G'azna state in the beginning of the XI century, later Saljuqiy, state xorazmshoh also founded. G'aznaga was the development of scientific and social thought in the period. Mahmoud G'aznaga, very great cultural riches to his palace balls, scientists, scientific work station. In particular, popular by Abu Rayhan Beruni "India" was created in the age here.

During the period of Saljuqiy Ali-the lion of his ministry when muhammad power led ul Regulations-Property popular political figure of their time, and was one of the most enlightened men.

Saljuqiy harbiylashgan the authority if the internal and foreign policy of this government, the regulations of ul-property management.

G'aznaga a bit of work to the style changes, the power management style and his work "turaga dume&"] create (1091-92). In this game the principles of state management are outlined.

Ul regulations-china property development great service. 1067-the most famous educational institution of that period to fund his personal Bagdad year- "after nizami" was the construction of the articles. It scientists, religious leaders, giving great attention to perfection, will take care of. One of the services the reform of the calendar its great. 1074 he-year for the countries of the middle east calendar-the calendar structure demonstrates, this offer is the most current improvement from the calendar.

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