On the issue of adaptation of younger schoolchilds

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The article covers the issue of adaptation of younger students to the school environment, where it is necessary to take into account the daily routine and a healthy lifestyle.

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The main goal of large-scale transformations in Uzbekistan carried out in all spheres of life was the construction of a democratic rule-of-law state with a socially oriented market economy and the formation of a strong civil society.

In order to implement a wide range of targeted measures for the further formation of a physically healthy, spiritually mature and harmoniously developed younger generation with independent thinking, developed intellectual potential, deep knowledge and a modern outlook, able to take responsibility for the future and the future of the country, mobilizing all for this the strengths and capabilities of the state and society there is a strengthening of the national training program, which serves as the primary gami for the realization of the above thoughts.

Raising a harmoniously developed generation is the greatest dream. This is the dream of our people, who firmly believe in the great future of Uzbekistan. As the first President of the country, I.A. Karimov, noted, whatever goals we set, what great things we accomplished, they are based primarily on the dream of raising our children physically and mentally healthy, in no way inferior to anyone, to see them happiness and prosperous future.

With independence in Uzbekistan, the main goal of large-scale transformations carried out in all spheres of life was the construction of a democratic state of law with a socially oriented market economy and the formation of a strong civil society. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted 26 years ago — December 8, 1992, in which a person, his life, freedom, honor, dignity and other inalienable rights became a strong legal foundation for the effective implementation of these most important tasks.

One of the most important periods in the physical and psychological development of a child is to study in primary school. It is no secret that in the days of the former system, this issue, unfortunately, was not given due attention. Teaching in these classes was mainly entrusted to teachers with secondary special education.

Given the role and importance of primary education in educating the younger generation, we have put an end to this unacceptable state of affairs. Today, this task is performed by teachers with a higher education who have high professional skills. In developing the program, it is necessary to reflect the issues of improving the quality of primary education, improving educational standards, curricula, textbooks and manuals, widespread introduction of advanced pedagogical and information and communication technologies into practice. The level of education and upbringing in school is largely determined by the extent to which the pedagogical process is focused on the psychology of the child’s age and individual development.

This implies psychological and pedagogical study of schoolchildren throughout the entire period of study in order to identify individual developmental options, creative abilities of each child, strengthen his own positive activity, reveal the uniqueness of his personality, provide timely help if there is a lag in school or unsatisfactory behavior. Motivational readiness for schooling of children of primary school age (especially pupils of grade 1) will increase if seminars are held aimed at improving the pedagogical and psychological education of parents of younger schoolchildren.

This knowledge will help parents to properly organize the "First-grader's daily routine." As it explains such necessary aspects of psychological characteristics as:

  • to organize a sequence of types of work and free time for first-graders.
  • for homework, students of lower grades need to take 1.5-2 hours;
  • take care of health promotion through various preventive measures helping to protect against diseases;
  • it is especially necessary to pay attention to the level of lighting in the room, often to air it, for the active activities of children;
  • if you follow the daily routine, the nervous system of children develops good habits that make it easier to switch from one type of work to another;
  • parents must control that the child went to bed on time to recover strength;
  • child nutrition is an important issue for parents to which parents should take special care.

A schoolchild's diet should be complete, containing beneficial trace elements and valuable vitamins. — do not try to demand a lot from the child, as he is gradually adapting to school loads, otherwise the child may suffer not only physically, but also mentally; — Psychologists advise not to scold the child for the poor assessment he received, since the fear of punishment may cause a strong psychological stress in the student.

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