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В статье рассматривается понятие как «грамматика» и ее эффективные методы обучения. Как известно, при изучении второго языка не обойтись и без структуры и пунктуации, так как всё это влияет на остальные навыки как аудирование, говорение, чтение и письмо. Основываясь на различных источниках, в этой статье также указываются различные методы преподавания грамматики.

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It is universally acknowledged that, information on language structure helps the understudy in the rectification of mix-ups and improvement of composed work. An individual can't get familiar with an unknown language precisely just through a course of oblivious digestion. Punctuation is a certain ground of reference when etymological propensities bomb us. So punctuation is fundamental for the student. Some people think that right English sentence structure matters just to educators and is of no genuine significance in day to day existence. This is absolutely false. Punctuation is the establishment for correspondence. Punctuation rules can assist students with fostering the propensity for thinking intelligently and obviously. Subsequent to concentrating on syntax, students can turn out to be more exact while utilizing a language. Without accurate punctuation, clear correspondence is incomprehensible. Appropriate sentence structure holds you back from being misconstrued while offering your viewpoints and thoughts. However, there are sure circumstances in which English sentence structure is particularly significant. For instance, on the off chance that you're going for a prospective employee meeting in an English-speaking country, the business will be keen on the nature of your spoken and composed English. Right punctuation will not simply exhibit your English abilities — it'll likewise show that you're constant and have an eye for detail. This is similarly significant assuming you're planning to concentrate abroad. Schools and colleges are probably going to survey your scholarly English dependent to a great extent upon your insight into English language structure. In foreign language acquisition precise comprehension of the language structures is vital, so showing punctuation is a fundamental part of unknown dialect guidance. Sentence structure is much of the time misconstructed in the language educating field. The misinterpretation lies in the view that syntax is assortment of erratic principles about static designs in the language. Further problematic cases are that the designs do not need to be thought, students will obtain them all alone, or on the other hand assuming the designs are educated, the examples that follow will be exhausting. The principal point of the educators in showing syntax is to show the construction of the language efficiently and cause their students to get great control over the language to deliver the learned linguistic patterns precisely when they use them in their genuine circumstances in either spoken or composed form. Admittedly, grammar and glossary are not language aspects. They are language components which are crucial for improvement of four aspects. It is advisable for not only language educator, but for all teachers in different fields to have a good command of grammar.

Literature review

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, grammar is a system of rules that defines the grammatical structure of a language. Language structure is the framework of a dialect. Individuals now and then portray language structure as the "rules" of a dialect; but in truth no dialect has rules*. On the off chance that we utilize the word "rules", we propose that some individuals made the rules to begin with and after that talked the dialect, like a unused diversion. But dialects did not begin like that. Dialects begun by individuals making sounds which advanced into words, expressions and sentences. No commonly-spoken dialect is settled. All languages alter over time. What we call "language structure" is essentially a reflection of a dialect at a specific time. Most instructors see language structure as a body of information that they themselves require as proficient etymologists, information they can utilize reasonably to assist learners gain experiences into the workings of the language. Some teachers see no meaning in delving into details of grammar. A few indeed respect structure hone and other shapes of linguistic use instructing as hurtful. Their see is that learners will choose up the regularities naturally, given they meet enough samples of common dialect. The teacher’s part, as they see it, is to supply a dialect- wealthy environment in which the learners meet comprehensible dialect as they lock in in exercises of different kinds.

The ways of teaching grammar

Generally, four main types of grammar teaching exist, namely:

  1. Deductive Method;
  2. Inductive method;
  3. Inductive Deductive Method;
  4. Incidental Method.

First method (deductive method) is much more conventional method and it concentrates on theory and instruction rather than practice. A logical way to deal with showing language begins by giving students rules, then, at that point, models, then practice. It is an instructor focused way to deal with introducing new satisfied. This is contrasted and an inductive methodology, what begins with models and requests that students track down rules, and consequently is more student focused.


  • It is primarily based on theory «From generalization to examples;
  • This strategy assists understudies with looking at the thoughts in syntax of native language and second or first language;
  • The student can attempt the linguistic inquiries without any problem;
  • Student can answer successfully and can make sense of rules, structures, and so on.


  • This strategy makes student finding out about language;
  • This technique can't foster informative capacity among students;
  • The students become dormant during classroom instructing;
  • This strategy isn't kid focused, however instructor focused.

Inductive method implies teaching of grammar by usage not by rules. For instance, the educator initially presents the example from class then switches to the theory. This method also known as informal method of teaching grammar and it can be taught by dint of practice of other aspects such as reading, listening or speaking.


  • Inductive strategy depends on the hypothesis "From example to generalisation". So it is exceptionally valuable in classrom educating;
  • This strategy assists understudies with grasping the distinction between specific idea in language of L1 and L2/FL;
  • This strategy is youngster focused;
  • The students gain proficiency with the specific sentence structure point through use. First they need to conclude the significance and later they sum up the structure or design.


  • Inductive method is not designed for populous classes, it is only effective in mini-groups that consist of 4-5 students;
  • The foundation should be prepared to concentrate the language angle, not the imprint rules. In this technique the educator needs to utilize present day strategy for instructing language. Just an imaginative educator can utilize this technique.

Inductive and deductive method. Through this strategy students form rules with the assistance of models. A few stages of this strategy are as per the following:

  • Learners are given a few instances of comparable kind;
  • Learners attempt to figure out likenesses by examining or noticing these models;
  • Learners are approached to make a few inferences;
  • Then the instructor will give the guidelines and give new models and request that her students check the principles.

This technique for showing language structure demonstrates exceptionally effective and favorable as it becomes down to earth, genuine and logical. It follows every one of the adages of educating and students are not compelled to pack the guidelines. This technique likewise invigorates the force of reasoning and thinking. A few disadvantages of this strategy are that it tends to be applied exclusively to youthful students. Additionally, this technique is unfinished in itself on the grounds that occasionally understudies can't associate models with the point.

Eventually, incidental method, in this technique language structure is educated unexpectedly by connecting with the course readings, interpretation and arrangement. In this manner understudies can know the specific utilization of linguistic regulations. A few impediments of this strategy are that it obstructs typical showing, productive learning is less and some of the time making or framing an episode connected with a subject might be hard for the instructor.


Grammar is the cornerstone to amelioration of receptive and productive skills, particularly, when it comes to profound assimilation of language, because of academic objectives. Language structure is significant on the grounds that it helps to abstain from gross errors. The design passes exact significance from the essayist on to the crowd. Therefore, neglecting set of grammar rules even in conversational or business English is not an adequate option in foreign language acquisition.

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