Удовлетворенность услугами по управлению студентами в университетах

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Целью данного исследования является анализ того, как качество услуг по управлению студентами может поддерживать деятельность по управлению образованием во всех университетах. Метод, используемый в этом исследовании, представляет собой качественный подход с описательными методами. Существует сбор данных, используемых в ходе электронного опроса, проведенного с некоторой информацией, а именно со студентами и руководителями вузов. Данные также были проведены с изучением документации подтверждающих документов в различных научных статьях, связанных с определенной темой. Результаты показывают, что качество входных данных, процессов и результатов необходимо для всей системы академических услуг в университетах, которая постоянно оказывает поддержку в улучшении качества академических услуг и повышении удовлетворенности студентов и пользователей.

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In the context of university quality of student management services, student satisfaction became one of the main indicators of service success given by the institution. Measurement of student satisfaction became an invaluable input for the institution to determine the direction of urgent improvement. The purpose of this report is to present the result of a survey carried out to determine student satisfaction and opinions of The Student Management Services at universities. That will help to know accurate quality of the system which most universities have and investigate problems, also find solutions in order to improve the quality of these services. The target audience for the survey was random students, study at different universities, who responded to a questionnaire survey within a week. The reason for this the fact that it was pointed to gather data in all the sections of universities in the city and provide with reliable data.

The objectives of the survey report are:

  • setting a goal;
  • choose a relevant topic;
  • create several questions hinges on the survey;
  • submit them into the google form of survey questionnaire;
  • sent them in telegram groups via UZL link;
  • collect answers.

During analyzing the data, it is checked whether the results are as expected.

Literature review

The first resource is The General Student Satisfaction (GSS) survey which was administered during the Spring semester in 2021. The objective of the survey was to gather students perceptions related to several components of their educational experience as well as experiences with student support and services at the University of South Alabama. Students were invited to participate via email.

The second one is the survey about the baseline study which was conducted to measure the students’ satisfaction in the Student Affairs and Services (SAS) programs of Western Philippines University on June,2021. Specifically, it aimed to know students’ familiarity, perceived provision and lack thereof, preference and overall satisfaction with the SAS programs (Yeborah and Woor, 2014)

The third one is implementing education management at IAIC, it is certainly very helpful in IAIC's performance in improving the quality of academic services, where all academic activities can be carried out effectively and efficiently in helping the sustainability of activities at IAIC. This is consistent with the results of the interview which stated that «Facilitate between students and prospective new students to register while students who have been registered for academic travel and also the most important is the use of technology to cut the flow of the bureaucracy so that it is easier because now what is sought is convenience, so with the quality system of academic services used and implemented through an academic system called SIMANTAP, has greatly helped us in facilitating the academic service system (KLA).»

Data Collection

After receiving an exact instruction by the instructors how to carry out a survey report, make accurate questions to organize a good survey questionnaire, the research survey has been conveyed and it has gained my academic insights for making improvements in my educational survey as I expected. The survey research has been started from the initial step which is to set a goal that is specifically aimed to know the students’ overall satisfaction in using the services of Student Management Services department at universities. The reason why the decision has been set to choose the current problematic topic is the fact that I also had some problems in this regard. I had to search more widely in making questions since it was a bit confusing what I need to pay attention to, which aspects should be covered in order to achieve a good expected results. The survey has been carried out by online through submitting the questions to the google form of survey questionnaire so I could get a maximum target audience. Honestly, there were not many difficulties the reason for that I learnt how to use this online formation thoroughly. Then the questionnaire was sent to the telegram groups so as to collect students’ answers. Within a week, I got less answers than I expected and it compelled me to feel dissatisfied with the level or quality of the questions, however I gained enough answers after a couple of days. During analyzing them,the results of survey were combabulating that almost half of respondents tended to not often use these services while the bar charts showed that most students supported the suggestion of that current services at universities should be improved. It showed that students who study at many universities would have enough problems in the applying their applications to the Student Management Services departments. There is given analysis about this survey below with accurate numbers and statistics.

Data Analysis

  1. Evaluate the Student Management Services at the university which you study on a 10 point scale.
The initial students’ evaluation of current students managament services in Universities.
Рисунок 1. The initial students evaluation of current students managament services in Universitie

Of several respondents surveyed, 30.8% reported that they assessed the quality of their Student Management Services at their studying universities are on average level. Seeing another columns, some students(23.1%) evaluated it with six point however others dissatisfied with the services putting less points.

2. How often do you request to the Student Management Services department of the university which you study?

Second question is given to demonstrate whether student know about this department and how often they apply to there because of the problems appeared for the academic years. The pie chart depicts that a significant percent of viewers were the opinion that they do not often apply with problematic issues. However 30.8 percent of viewers have already known this department and used some times. Other options gathered less percentage.

3. What problems do you apply for to the department?

This question is given with the aim to classify the types of issues that students have. The result shows that problems of getting a room from dormitories dominated from other problems by almost half or more % distinction. Some students chose contract and internship problems that gathered equal results with 38.5 percent.

4. Do you satisfy the services of Student Management Services department at your university?

Question 4 is given to test the respondents’ faith to answer the questions that structured at the same level of question 1. It is satisfied with the same results that 46.2 percentage of respondents were neutral while they assessed services in 5 point scale above. The dissatisfied include 38.5%. According to the pie chart, the number (7.7) of satisfied and very dissatisfied students was surprisingly equal.

5. What have not satisfied you when you request to the department?

Facts illustrate that students suffer from another reasons which is easy to figure out from the picture above. Problems with credentials and waiting for a time gathered more voices than the quality of services, how staff treat to students. However there are some who do not liked the way of services have offered.

6. Do you think that the Student Management Services department should be improved?

The plethora of respondents prefer to a positive answer that it needed enhancing the services of the department. 30.8 percentage viewer do not care whether the system should be improved or not while another 7.7% think that it do not need.

7. Evaluate the importance of improving the services of the department on a 10 point scale.

Another surprising result is given from the picture that more than half of audience answered initially they do not often use the current service however there could be accurately seen how important to improve the quality of the Student Management Services which was evaluated highly by lots of students.

8. What do you think which one is more effective choice for solving current problems?

The result of students choises in the solution sections of the problem.
Рисунок 2. The result of students choises in the solution sections of the problem

According to the results, 53.8% of students preferred to hand in the application for the authorities of universities so as to check current problems and eliminated them.

Conclusion and Recommendation

On the basis of the findings above, it would seem that the level of servicing to students with satisfied quality still need to be checked thoroughly by the authorities of universities. Furthermore, I surprised with the results which I do not expect at some stages of survey questionnaire. I strongly recommend that by setting different surveys among students, it should be investigated the deficiency of the system working, then the necessary applications indexed with exact statistics should be handed in to the rectors of universities in order to decrease a number of problems which students often face.

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