Uniform. Is it really important or not? What is the advantage and disadvantage of? 

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The purpose of writing this article was to study the attitude of young people to wearing a uniform and to find detailed information about it. As I am a student myself, I was interested in the opinions of other students. In addition, I wanted to give information about the advantages and disadvantages of the educational form.

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Introduction part

Nowadays most adults think that wearing uniform at university isn’t very important. They prefer dressing up according to their own taste. School uniforms were duty for us but what do you think is this necessary at university also? Now I am also third year student at university. Our university is specialized in teaching international languages and translation also. Maybe because of this we haven’t got any uniform and we can wear anything we want. But it is good for us and we can feel very comfortable with this system. But in my friend’s university has a special uniform for their students. When I heard about it I really interested this topic and would like to write an article according to this matter. I want to know others opinion and then made a survey on the internet which is held several questions about to wearing uniform. Then I shared it via telegram to the groups of student from different universities. There you can find interesting opinions and information in this article. Every country has its own education system. According to this they can have their rules inside of the university. If you look through the history of the uniform, first time it appears in 16th century in England. The first school uniform is used in 1552 in London charity school. It spread around the world and now common in many part of the world. Especially in modern Europe, Britain, Malta and Ireland stand out with their strict uniform system. Every country and every government confirm their uniform according to this country’s culture, history,environment and of course the condition of their population.

Descriptive part

As I mentioned, I did survey online and share it with other different universitys’ students. Also I did an interview in my own university. According to the result of my survey about 60% of the students prefer wearing a uniform through their university years. However there were some points which mentioned by the students and I found them really absurdity. They commented that in their university teachers scolding students because of coming without uniform. Even they didn’t give permission to enter the university because of lack of little details in their uniform. For example, tie, colour of their T-shirts or like trousers matter. It is really insane to interrupt students from their study and participation because of the clothes. Also, there are lots of comments according to previous topic. I read all of them with lots of interest. Some of them said that they really want to wear uniform and also write down the reasons of course. From their perspective, wearing uniform make us feel the responsibility and remember we are students and coming to study. Some said that it is a symbol of their university and they can be stand out from others by this way. Additionally, for some students uniform means the part of the big family like a school and university for some reason and give confidence. There is another reason too. Choosing the same uniform for everyone helps keep them on the same level. That is, it is necessary to not separate students with financial deficiencies from others. Because they may not be able to afford the clothes that rich students wear. As a result, it also causes them to be humiliated and depressed. Other 40 percentage of students choose going to the university with the clothes which they want to wear. Some of them found it because the uniforms are not very comfortable to wear and they do not want to participate with them. Apart from this, majority of adults wrote that they don’t want to be the same as chicken as class. I understand that because I am also adult and I really don’t like dress up the same thing every day. It actually reacts to my mood.

Additional information

I amgoing to add some useful information about wearing uniform. We know that almost all sports teams wear the same clothes. It helps them to know that they are together and they try to the same purpose like a team. It keeps the strict bones between them. Also uniform can help to students to be team and learn together. According to some information, uniform can reduce crime rates between adults. Apart from this, most of the schools and collages design their uniforms according to their ethnic clothing or traditional appearance. It is necessary to preserve their history and tradition.


In conclusion, I can say that uniforms are equally important for universities. Because, it helps them to focus only on reading and of course to read with a sense of responsibility. Besides, it also saves them from unnecessary stress and wasting time. It causes every student to think about what to wear every morning if they don’t have uniform. As a result, they are late for classes. But this does not mean that they should not be criticized or admitted to the university for trivial details. This would be a huge mistake. It is clear that this situation will not be reserved if they are given a proper explanation. This article is written due to my country’s university and collages system. If you can take any useful information from this article I would be very grateful for this.

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