The influence of inorganic ecotoxicants on horses in extreme north conditions


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The article provides a summary of the ecosystem structure of the horse stud in the North conditions. The statistic data on the horses’ ruin are presented. There are data about inorganic ecotoxicants, causing poisonings of animals.

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The ecosystem of the horse stud in the North consists of biocenose of horses, specialists-hippologists and elements of environment. The influence of biocenose of horses on the environment and on the man as well is called hippogenius ecofactor [1 – 5].

According to statistic data the ruin of horses in the world because of intoxication by poisonous compounds is about 0,4 – 4,4 % [1,2].

The purposeful investigations were realized in Murmansk region, Karelia (Karjala), Norilsk industrial region (Far North of Krasnoyarsk edge, Russia) and Rovaniemi (Lapland, Finland).

We have to say various inorganic ecotoxicants demonstrate strongly toxic effect on horses.

The intoxication and even the ruin of animals occurs as a result as direct influence of ecotoxicants as via plants, which concentrate toxic compounds in dangerous quantities.

Finally, the intoxication by radioactive compounds, nitrates, nitrites, N-fertilizers, As-compounds, heavy metals’ cations etc. in more detail is discussed in reviews [1,2].

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