Конкретные аспекты эффективного преподавания в дистанционном образовании


Педагогические науки

В деятельности преподавателей педагогов является важным фактором в формировании дистанционное образование и увеличивает мощности. Дистанционное обучение выполняет основную часть работы даже находясь дома, для студентов колледжа соединения современных информационных и коммуникационных технологий.

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The current globalization process in the field of scientific and technical studies have advanced the society the representatives of the social sector, the responsibility of the person with the requirements of the development and explain the combination of active installs the necessary functions associated with the motivation to know the computer's resolution found. In such cases he made a plan based on the research of promising social development of the society, is of decisive importance to define his priorities. The president of the republic in the field of education in the national context, didactic approach, describes it as follows: “as active within the spiritual education of the people of uzbekistan will inspire creative activity. The best options will display all of the younger generation, professional-curry, continuous improvement of skills is passed on to the younger generation and the older generation is to understand the experience of the wise”[1.12]. Scholars and practitioners of our republic pedagogical research-based education and pedagogical technologies adapted to social and educational conditions in uzbekistan, creating and are committed to apply them in practice. After all, the technological pedagogical approach to read introduction to the ideas of people harmony with the educational process, the quality of education of education helping them may keep a special place in coordination with the standards of the world is inevitable. At the close of the xxi century is also the preparation of teachers for the distance education system has become one of the important issues. But, at the same time also the condition of our republic any university of modern technology and distance methods to the preparation of teachers on the basis of the angles do not approach work in a systematic way. In some foreign countries paid special attention to the preparation of teachers for the distance education system. For example, “e-learning” and “on-line munching tea” specialty training in the last year of the master program are established effective. Naturally the question arises. Well, the teacher performs the functions of distance education how? First and foremost, distance education teacher education through the application of technologies allowing remote teachers. It distance teaching technologies — the internet and technology case study-start technology, all tv and radio broadcasting technology is a teacher who knows both your business. As teachers of teachers is an important factor in the formation of distance education and its capacity increases. Stand performs the main part of work at home professionals, students and kasbdoshlar are connected by modern information and communication technologies. Telekompyuting using this method is called at the same time, the most popular method in the west. The main method of distance higher education distance learning group to create the basis of modern pedagogical technologies of the new organization. In education, such as teachers, computer programmers and specialists with the help of the creation of new training courses should be. Originally in the creation of distance learning courses:[2.196]

  • the aim of the course;
  • ways to achieve the goal;
  • to provide a method of educational materials;
  • teaching methods;
  • the types of teaching assignments;
  • questions for discussion;
  • ways to organize discussions and debates;
  • mutual communication factors such as communication methods and should identify. All of this is the creation of the course teachers (designer of course) and carried out in cooperation with experts on technologies. According to the type of communication between the reader and the teacher, distance teaching methods can be divided into the following main groups:
  • independent reading method;
  • "together-a" a pedagogical method;
  • "together-many" to read;
  • communication on the basis of "many-many" education.

Convenient to a number of distance education, too, he:

  • education allows you to work with different groups of recipients;
  • allows you to select the mode for acceptable performance (time and terms of the technical tools to run on);
  • education to expand the range of buyers is created;
  • scientific and pedagogical activity creates the opportunity to get together to go.

Also you can make sure modern technology to improve teaching methods. Modern technology bring new terms to the education process. The next time leksiya are electronic, that is the concept of elektsiya appears. Elektsiya — computer networks lecture materials are available through this tarqatiluvchi[3.19]. Not only the text but also the reader of the report elektsiya growing debate, which serve to prepare educational materials, articles and the establishment of their abbreviations. On the basis of communication "many-many" education — the mutual activity of all participants in the educational process harakterlash. Educational methods that leads to the development of collective debates and conferences to be held. Educational communication students-teachers and students-students will be in the form of. These methods sinxron asinxron and audio, audiografik, video conferences and computer technology is based. The discussion of computer and communication technologies, modeling, brainstorming, methods delfin, forums, the design allows the use of active teaching methods such as group. The effect of pedagogical education, the environment, new technologies on the basis of the content of teaching, the development of the educational environment to the development of interactive education in the process of the development of student activity, flexible organization of educational process is related to.

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