Как можно остановит терроризм?

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Цель этого статьи заключается в том, чтобы показать отрицательные причины террористических движений и объясняет, почему терроризм является «чумой» 21 века. Кроме того статья описывает плохие последствия терроризма, а также объясняет страшные воздействия для человечества. В сегодняшний день мы живём в тревожном мире. Мы должны быть очень внимательными, чтобы проанализировать, кто наши друзья и враги.

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Today we are living in an alarming world. We will be under the inevitable disasters if we look at our surrounding carelessly. We sometimes cannot recognize who our friends and our enemies are. Minute by minute we are thinking deeply that “What is terrorism and is it getting so worse?” Some terrible conditions of the world make us to consider in this way.

Literally, terrorism means in the Latin language “fear, phobia and fright”. Scientifically, it means the process of spreading fear among the people. From the history, it is known that such terroristic actions did not exist. Today we can see clearly how terrorism and political violence have evolved in the modern world. Terrorism is so sensationalized by the media and oversimplified by the authority, it is important to clarify common misconceptions. Generally, terrorism is a tactic strategy used to achieve an aimed plan or specific end. The violence is usually aimed at creating fear in the targeted population and often violent response from the state.

Lately, the terrorist groups have begun using the Internet and the media to spread to influence on public opinion with their political and message. Every of us have come across these kinds of short messages: if you like this profile, please, comment your thoughts. Another example is that read this message carefully and sent it to your 10 true friends you like. If you concern me as your true friend, send it back to me as well. If you do like this, your acts will develop during the next ten years and many other examples. In some circumstances, even the states also use terrorism tactics. For instance, states can sponsor terroristic groups in other countries in order to support foreign policies or safeguard their own national interest. Iran is known for supporting Hezbollah (one of the most harmful terrorist groups) in Lebanon against the country of Israel. The United States also help the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt against the communist government of Gamal Abdal Nasser. In other cases, some developed countries are getting used to sell their weapons to the fighting authorities.

They only need to make progress in their business; they do not care to the other side of this problematic issue. In fact these “anti-terrorist” countries are considered as the members of the United Nations Organization. Do not they know that if they keep the position in this awful way they will lose themselves, as well as the world?!

We all know that Egypt was the most civilized area in the past and it has been like this even so far. Unfortunately, the selfish eyes of the world envied it. Years ago, it was the most-visited country among the other African countries. Nowadays it attracts only a few people, why this happened, what is the reason for this? Answer is that: a fearful war.

According to the recent news from the USA report, a bomb exploded in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City during the Saturday’s night. This explosion caused to injure 29 people. This event was also called terrorism. Moreover, recently, in Moscow, the city metropolitan has been exploded by the terroristic group. But the attendees of this crime have not been arrested yet. In Monday morning last week,( 18.04.2017) in Linden, New Jersey police arrested the suspicious man, naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan in connection with the attacks.

Undoubtedly, every person thinks: why do terrorists commit a thousand crimes, why do they kill a thousand innocent people, what do they want?

Terrorists are not all after the same thing. It is true that the wealth inspires most of them. There are such kinds of terroristic groups that they often justify their bloody acts by sacrificing on the basis of perceived social, economic and political unfairness. Or they take inspiration from religious beliefs or spiritual principles. They consider their acts one of the Islamic orders (becoming “shakhid”). They pretend themselves like religion protector. But they do not know that no religion orders to kill an innocent person. The terrorists usually utilize the Islam as a mask for their vicious aims. Many terrorist groups are inspired by prophetic scriptures by the leaders of the group. Al-Qaida and IS are two related groups that justify their violent action as a crusade against nonbelievers. IS wants to establish a Caliphate or an Islamic-ruled state.

In Uzbekistan after the Independence day, in 1992, the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Islam Abduganiyevich Karimov visited Namangan in order to subdue the rebel among the people. It was precise that the guide of this action was also terrorists. The rebels of the group demanded him on organizing the Republic of Uzbekistan as an Islamic Republic. The president said that he was no any rights to do this and explained that it was not a good idea all the time. Later, the president’s speech proved how much it was correct. So how can we stop terrorism, how can we protect terrorism without bombing? To tell the truth, it is not so easy to reply on this question. Because, it is not a new problem and it does not include a few people. Almost in every area of the world you may run into this disaster. Fortunately, terrorism is not more frequent today than few decades ago. According to the information by the Global Terrorism Database, Western Europe, where many terrorist attacks happened recently, has been experiencing relatively low terrorist activity during the period 2000 to 2016 compared to the period 1970

All in all, a historical review of terrorism activity in Western countries represent that terrorism is not worse than before the 9/11 era. The opposite is true. As we watch unfolding terror attacks perpetrated by IS in Western countries, one must keep in mind that death by terrorism is extremely low compared to homicide. For instance, approximately 13,472 murders occurred in the U.S. during 2014, but the 24 private citizens' deaths worldwide by terrorism in 2014 got a great deal more media attention.

According to American University professor Audrey Cronin, terrorism as a tactic does not work well. Cronin studied 457 terrorist groups worldwide since 1968. The groups lasted an average of eight years. No terrorist organizations that she studied were able to conquer a state, and 94 percent were unable to achieve even one of their strategic goals. In the initial years of the Independence of Uzbekistan, its first president guessed that disaster of terrorism would be the “cholera” of the 21th century. He was absolutely right at that time. Anyway, we all should search opportune way to hurl away this issue rapidly. For this, some following solutions must be looked out:

For example, Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel peace prize, offers some methods to protect. He has spent his life in a country dominated by terrorism. He lives in a continent ravaged by war. He sees hatred and misery that most of us will never see. He said: "What happened in New York was not an act of war, but a crime directed against the entire international community. As such, I believe fervently that the response should not be driven by one country, but by the United Nations. It should seek to apprehend the suspects and bring them to trial before the world community — this would be the perfect case in point for the International Criminal Court (though the United States, of course, has not yet agreed to the establishment of such a court).

First of all, we should know a real enemy. Find out who the terrorists are. This is not as easy as it sounds. After any major incident we quickly form opinions and form a lynch mob to round up who is "obviously" guilty. But secret courts and military courts have a very bad record for getting the wrong person.

Do not be naive. Now awareness is the requirement of the period. Remember that "hitting them hard" seldom works .Terrorists can get all the motivation they need by living in families that have lost loved ones. They can get all the training they need in any army in the world. Every country in the world should install basic airline security measures to ensure that September 11th is less likely to happen again. (On September 11, 2001, at 8:45 a.m. on a clear Tuesday morning, an American Airlines Boeing 767 loaded with 20,000 gallons of jet fuel crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.) Simple measures could have prevented the tragedy, so we do not need to over-react. In order to achieve our aimed goal, we should act together. No country can organize it alone. The International Criminal Court should be established. And it will have to have such kind of rights that every country’s representative can attend this court.

God created an unique world for all of us. The world is wide enough, it is too large. Breathing is not limited for anybody. The natural recourses will be adequate for a milliard years if we use them economically. The world can be the mother for its milliards of children. So then, why do we fight each other, why do we envy each other? Humans’ murder, fighting with each other is not allowed in any sphere, whether it is in religion, or in spirituality. Do not remember that if it is kept in this position, surely, the world will take revenge from us.

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