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Как мы знаем, матери традиционно поют своим детям колыбельные и в гармоничном стиле рассказывают им о событиях дня. Фактически, сегодня наука доказала, что младенцы воспринимают внешнюю среду, даже когда они находятся в утробе матери, и способны реагировать.

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Lullabies that are one of the main sources of our culture for more than thousand years have a significant and effective place in our culture. Lullaby is only one of the main products of our folk literature that are originated from different eras, are transferred from generation to generation and affect children in a positive way. For this reason lullabies have an unplaceable importance in our culture. According to the researches made recently it has been announced that lullabies that are mainly supposed to make children sleep have also an educational aspect and are not far away from scientific truths.

According to a research made in 1990 in the University of Konstanz in Germany it has been declared that babies owing to the lessons they received during the pre-natal period comprehend the geometrical figures much easier than those who didn’t get an education in their mother’s womb at all.

The potential mothers being uninformed about the scientific researches made in the near history, have already been speaking to the babies in their wombs or the newborn ones for centuries either being affected by the cultural structure or the instincts of a motherhood. After a natural process in lullabies mothers unknowingly told the babies they carried in their wombs information about lots of subjects varying from agriculture to space, from plants to animals, from colours to objects etc. in this situation the first perception of the child is through the ear and this makes the contribution of «mother songs» more meaningful. Evaluating the due information a necessity emerged to review the texts of the lullabies closer and when the texts have been examined it has been seen that educational components reside under the roof of lullabies. Within the due texts there is information about children’s growing up by sleeping (may my child sleep and grow) or the movements of the stars in the sky (a star is moving in the sky) and further information the alike. However it is quite an interesting thing that information which can be only comprehended or solved by the help of science today was taking place within the lullabies that have been sung for centuries. According to Necati Demir lullabies have a content that work far beyond the supposed mission which is to send children to sleep. For this reason the fact that lullabies that were commonly supposed for children’s sleep possess in fact so much information in general terms shouldn’t escape our notice. Lullabies on one hand contribute to the mental and biological development of children in a positive way and on the other hand enlighten our present day with the scientific truths they contain. Going out of the information about lullabies a question may occur in our minds, that wants to know if lullabies which are products of folk literature sung for more than 1000 years and having so many aspects, have really a scientific background and scientific truth? In fact there isn’t a clear answer to this question. However it shouldn’t be forgotten that lullabies, even though they might not be scientific, enlighten the truths and give them a direction.

Lullabies can activate the actions of the brain. The brain has a very complex structure and there are still some uncertainties in the way of working of the brain functions. The brain enters a very rapid development period after birth and completes its development until the age of six to a great extent. The brain possesses about 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) and amongst the neurons information flows like electric current. The neurons consume 25% of the oxygen and most amount of the glucose taken into the human body. And this shows how hard the brain works. A neuron in a human being’s brain has the capability to establish from 2000 up to 10.000 connections with other neurons. This capability makes humankind superior to other beings. Regarding its functions the brain consists of four parts that are right, left, upper and lower. The right and left hemispheres are responsible of different functions.

The connection between these two hemispheres is provided by the bunch of net corpus callasum and this net makes a continuous exchange of information possible between the two hemispheres. People use one of the brain hemispheres more dominantly according to the other one, the reason of which can be searched at congenital causes, the way they are grown up and educated or various other reasons. Consequently if a person uses one hemisphere much more than the other one he makes that hemisphere work more dominantly and makes the learning activity based on that hemisphere. The appropriate stimulations that come from outside can activate the brain much more.» Because of the due reasons the parents should pay special attention to the post-natal period of their children during the babyhood. As a matter of fact it is possible to enlarge the capacity of the brain. Because individuals, who are adults and have a good job, are only able to use 2-3% of their brain capacities. When we approach this fact vice — versa it can be seen that 97% of the brain capacity isn’t being used. And this shows that our brain isn’t being used sufficiently. According to the expressions of the experts the above mentioned situation can be altered. In order to enlarge the brain capacities of their children parents can read or tell them fairy tales and stories and sing them lullabies in their babyhood. And when their children are grown up they can seek further methods to enlarge their brain capacities in applying the exercises supposed to develop the brain functions. In this way parents will have assisted their children in making them use the present capacity of brain with the most active way to its full. If realized this will be an achievement that will work for both the benefits of the future of their own family and their country.

Lullabies are known as harmonious words sung mainly with the purpose of sending children to sleep. Though within the passing time it has come into being that it educates the ones that keep listening to it. In order to achieve a permanent and positive change in the behaviours through education, the education of children should start at early ages. Because of this reason the education of children is tried to be pulled down by using different methods to earlier ages. The method to educate by singing lullabies is one of the methods mentioned. However mothers can’t spare enough time for their children owing to the problems and tiring conditions in their business lives. For this reason some regulations should be made in the business life that keep mothers from realizing their duties as mothers. Because it is impossible to recompensate the education of children who have been neglected. That’s why necessary precautions should be taken in a very short time and mothers should be enabled to realize their primary job that is «motherhood». Concerning this issue there is much work to do especially for husbands, employers and the governments that are supposed to give women the legal rights to make that possible. Besides the due precautions the fact that lullabies educate children shouldn’t be ignored. As a matter of fact it shouldn’t be forgotten that babies born by listening to lullabies and the ones raised with them are more intelligent than the other children and comprehend events more easily. For this reason more importance should be given to lullabies and more efforts for their compilation, the benefits of the lullabies should be broadened by explaining them via different means of mass media, mothers should be instructed about the benefits of lullabies and encouraged to sing them permanently. Lullabies are cultural treasures so precious that we can’t afford ignoring them. Consequently it shouldn’t be forgotten that telling lullabies is a new method in the education of children and is used very effectively.

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