Методы реализации современной терминологии автомобилестроения

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В данной статье анализируется модель терминологического тезауруса предметной области автомобильной отрасли и промышленности. Установлена ​​потребность в таком издании и выделен его дидактический потенциал: учебный тезаурус по автомобильной промышленности дает формализованное представление терминологии отрасли, с четкими определениями заглавных терминов и визуальными смысловыми связями, что является обязательным условием успешного обучения автомобильной терминологии на английском и узбекском языках. В статье рассматриваются основные идеи создания обучающего тезауруса, такие как уникальный информационно-семиотический подход к исследованию метаязыка.

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Linguists consider that the phrase has such characteristics: precision, unambiguity, and consistency, which distinguishes it from everyday terminology.

Any branch of science is defined by its consistency. As a result, it is straightforward to study a subject's vocabulary by looking it up in the system — in the thesaurus.

A sophisticated technique is employed to reach the study's goal and objectives, which involves the following methods:

  • a comparison of the structure and content of dictionary entries in automobile terminology lexicographic publications;
  • a method for analyzing the components of dictionary definitions of automotive terminology in English.

A thesaurus modeling method for the subject area is under investigation.

As a result of the analysis of publications received by the Samarkand Automobile Factory, it can be concluded that they are based on alphabetical dictionaries of terms and none of the authors was based on the idea of systematizing terminology by fields and subfields. By the way, the automobile plant JV SamAuto LLC, located in Samarkand, is the only automaker in Uzbekistan that has its own design bureau.

As sources of vocabulary for the thesaurus, monographs, scientific articles, textbooks on disciplines related to the construction and operation of a car, devoted to automotive terminology of English and domestic terminologists and automotive industry specialists in English and Russian, reference educational publications in the subject area, special corporate publications of the Samarkand Automobile Factory.

So, having an idea about the sources of vocabulary, comments and illustrative examples in the thesaurus, the user can determine the degree of reliability of the lexicographic publication we are developing. Information about all the sources listed above is available in the corresponding dictionary entries and is placed in parentheses at the end of the "Comments" and "Context" sections.

In prior research, we looked at the model of a translator's professional competence and identified metalinguistic competence as a component of it. However, because modern society produces and consumes more information, the translator, as a facilitator, must be prepared. The structure of the dictionary entry described above satisfies the requirements of lexicographers, who emphasize the importance of translating the input unit into Russian, as well as the presence of an interpretation and an illustrative example of the unit's use, as well as its additional semantic and functional characteristics. The input unit's lexicographic processing elements can be used to cross-reference other dictionary entries.

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