Возможные пути инвестиционного сотрудничества России и ЕС

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Статья ознакомит читателя с процессом инвестиционного сотрудничества между Россией и ЕС. Какие основные принципы сформированы для выражения экономического сотрудничества.

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The set goal — to identify possible ways of investment cooperation between Russia and the countries of the European Union — has been achieved, the tasks set have been fulfilled in full:

  • in the course of determining the essence and role of investments, it was revealed that the economic concept of investments is that they represent a type of intellectual or property values that are invested in various objects of entrepreneurial, as well as other types of activities, and as a result of which, as a result, profit is formed;
  • the definition of ways to implement investment cooperation between countries has shown that this cooperation is carried out by investing in enterprises or the economy of another country (in industry, transport, agriculture, as well as other economic sectors of the state). The main ways of investment cooperation are the implementation of joint investment projects on the territory of one of the countries, the implementation of investment projects of one of the countries, investment investments in free economic zones and projects on their territory, joint business activities;
  • the analysis of investment activity in Russia showed that by the end of 2020, there was a decrease in investment activity, the rate of decline was 4.08%, which is lower than the level of 2016. This dynamic has been observed over the past 5 years. According to statistics, over the past five years, the main source of financing for the investment activities of enterprises has been the company's own funds, their share is predominant, which is a negative sign, since own funds are always limited in volume, and lack of financing leads to the fact that enterprises cannot unleash their potential at full capacity.

At the same time, it can be noted that in the study period there is an increase in the share of credit funds, with a general decrease in investment resources from the budget. Researchers consider the pandemic and the consequences of the oil shock to be the reasons for this decline in 2020. In 2021, the state has made attempts to restore investment activity through the introduction of infrastructure projects, it is planned to allocate more than 2 trillion rubles for this:

  • an analysis of the areas of investment cooperation between Russia and the EU countries has shown that the countries of the European Union have been the largest investor in the Russian economy over the past 15 years, accounting for more than three-quarters of foreign direct investment. The terms of this interaction are fixed by the Investment Cooperation Agreement. However, after 2014, this agreement was suspended, which led to the fact that the volume of investment cooperation actually decreased to the level of 2000. Currently, about 75% of the total volume of investments from the EU is accounted for by direct investments, the share of portfolio investments is about 3%;
  • the study revealed the main problems of investment cooperation between Russia and the countries of the European Union — these problems can be conditionally divided into two groups — problems from the countries of the European Union and problems of investment attractiveness of Russia. Most of the researchers note that in many ways the problems of the Russian Federation are related to unresolved main issues that shape investments in the country;
  • the main goal of any country is both to stimulate domestic investors and to attract foreign investment, since without them it is impossible to fully develop the country's economic development. In this regard, based on the identified problems, the paper suggests ways of possible investment cooperation between Russia and the countries of the European Union, which are based on the identification and neutralization of factors that reduce the investment attractiveness of Russia.

At the same time, it should be noted that foreign investors may be repelled not only by the imperfection of the legislation of the territory in which the investor plans to invest, but also by other risks that accompany the implementation of investment activities.

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