Содержательная сторона работы классного руководителя


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Требования к содержанию воспитательной работы руководителя класса ориентируется на общих задачах воспитания школьников, где идёт работа по формированию у учащихся мировоззрения, любви к труду и нравственные качества.

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The content of the work of the class teacher is determined by the General objectives of education. A class teacher forms pupils ' worldview and morality, their active life position, instills in students a love of knowledge, work and prepares them for conscious self-determination. The most important function of the class teacher is to educate students responsible attitude to teaching and the ability to learn on their own. He has considerable opportunities for the development of aesthetic interests and artistic taste of students. His pedagogical duty is also to take care of the preservation and strengthening of the health of pupils. A special task of the class teacher is to improve the pedagogical culture of parents of students, to achieve unity in the educational activities of the school and the family.

Thus, the class teacher acts as an organizer of educational activities, and as a mentor of students. The main duties of the class teacher are defined by the Charter of secondary school. These responsibilities include close cooperation with other teachers, the student Committee, with the teachers of the after-school group, as well as with the family and school support councils at enterprises and institutions; provision of timely educational assistance to students; carrying out activities to promote the health of students; organization of socially useful work of pupils; maintenance of the established documentation (preparation of the work plan for a quarter, registration of the class journal, control over the diaries of class students); submission to the school management of information on progress, attendance and behavior of students.

The class teacher works under the direct supervision of the principal and his deputies. They also provide him with the necessary organizational and pedagogical assistance. Multilateral activities of the class teacher requires him a high level of culture and good psychological and pedagogical training. Since the class teacher is a faithful conductor of the ideas of the state, he must have the right, clear and firm beliefs and social, Patriotic, internationalist orientation, constantly feel the pulse of time, be aware of all events in the world and within the country. He should be the first to come to the students with relevant information and be able to present it clearly.

A good educator is, first of all, a highly moral person. He is honest and just, honest in all his thoughts and actions. Such a mentor knows and understands the spiritual world of his pupils, lives by their joys and sorrows, values their trust, is always delicate and tactful in dealing with them, is not vindictive, patient and forgiving. He loves and deeply respects each of his pupil, attentive, caring, friendly.

Modern class teacher-a subtle psychologist and a skilled teacher. Possessing theoretical knowledge and pedagogical intuition, he easily comes into contact with teachers and students, skillfully organizes joint activities at school and outside it, has the art to directly and indirectly control the thoughts, feelings and will of students. He is a researcher and organizer, social activist, passionate about science, sports, technology or art people. He readily gives all the wealth of his soul to his disciples. The best human and professional qualities of the class teacher are successfully formed in the young teacher with his active study at the University and through self-education. Success in the class teacher largely depends on its planning and systematic. The activities of the class teacher is part of the overall process of education. Therefore, it is important to coordinate it with all other levels of school work, focusing on the school-wide annual plan.

Organizational and pedagogical work of the class teacher includes constant study of pupils, actions for the organization and formation of collective of pupils, and also joint work with pioneer group or Komsomol group and parents of pupils.

This work, in accordance with the recommendations of the "Exemplary content of education of students" provides for the formation of worldview and morality, labor education and career guidance, education of responsible attitude to teaching and learning skills, legal, aesthetic and physical education. The system in the work of the class teacher suggests an appropriate combination of forms and methods of education with the organization of practical activities of students. The class teacher usually works with the same student body for several years. Therefore, the logic in educational activities should be traced not only by months, but also by academic years.